The inventor Rachid El Yazami makes his decision.
He declares to Anadolu Agency that America is the first country to start manufacturing his invention (charging the car battery in 10 minutes) due to the interest of the actors there in the project, which they called the magic solution, including Tesla.
For us, it is the best choice, as it is seventh impossible for Yazami to fall into the bosom of an unmanufactured country that is mired in political crises, even though it is his mother country here. Passion may overwhelm the invention of a lifetime. Why?
Morocco is a country whose indicators are at the bottom. It does not have a healthy environment and actors interested in the field, with whom it may be difficult to bring the global project out of existence. Here in Morocco we always clash in front of the political will that does not want to reform the situation. His project is doomed to failure in advance in Morocco without freedom and Democracy and independent authorities may preserve his rights.
The only thing Morocco can benefit from is when the industrialization process in America succeeds, that its solidarity with its mother country with a factory or two production factories only, in line with the wise strategy of the Moroccan state, which is to sell competitive and cheap labor without the minimum conditions of development, just to silence the classes proletarian.
Regarding the possibility of manufacturing his invention in Morocco, El Yazami says:
“Morocco, like all countries in the world, has an interest in electric cars and fast charging, but there is competition, as there are countries that are more advanced than Morocco, and I have contacts with them to start industrialization.”
He adds, “I think the United States is the first country to start manufacturing the invention that I came up with.”
He continues: “When Moroccan investors realize the importance of the project and notice its success, they will take it and invest its money.”
And he adds: “This is the reality of countries that do not have the ability to own projects in the presence of risks related to the possibility of failure.”
And he added: “While in America, even if it does not succeed, there is no problem. They may try projects, and if success is achieved in only one project, there is no problem either, while in Morocco it is not possible to start implementing a project except with a success rate close to 100 percent.”
He continues: “One day I will come to Morocco when the desire is fulfilled, and my country will benefit from what I have invented.”
He calls for “financing investment projects in Morocco related to the field,” noting that “for five years, I have been saying that the world is moving towards the electric car.”