Volkswagen future large electric luxury car sedan (2026)

Volkswagen will market a 100% new large car sedan production by 2026. Now known by the code name Project Trinity for new EVs, this futuristic

vehicles are based on entirely new technology. that is more efficient and intuitive regarding electric batteries and Ev motor performance.

New standards in drive range and battery charge. these are the keywords for the future 100% electric Volkswagen sedan vehicle with a fully electric engine.

In an effort to generously launch a batch of fully electric cars that will reach 70% in European countries by 2030. the German manufacturer is continuing to research this area. examining various methods and designs, some of which have become concrete.

Therefore, a large-size upcoming sedan is planned among the next Volkswagen models to bear the EV emblem. which will be the standard carrier for this impressive “acceleration” scheme.

The Project Trinity slated for 2026, should see a huge hit, especially in terms of range and payload.

In addition, this sedan was advertised with a tech-ready Tier 4 autonomous driving grade. (in other words, with no need for reimbursement for certain parts, especially roads).

This futuristic electric sedan is manufactured in Germany country, in Wolfsburg at the headquarters of the parent company. in a product line that has already been announced as more connected and smarter.

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