Official EPA range and efficiency ratings for multiple variants of Lucid Motors’ Aircar have been released.

With a 520-mile range on 19-inch wheels, the Dream Edition Range luxury model can travel the longest, while the Grand Touring model, which has 133 fewer horsepower, can cover 516 miles on 19-inch wheels.

Updating to the 21-inch wheels reduces range significantly, with the Dream Edition dropping to 481 miles and the Grand Touring lowering to 469 miles with the larger wheels.

Plenty of today’s electric vehicle companies brag about their vehicles’ performance and range. However, Lucid Motors, which plans to deliver its first client cars by the end of the year, has now received official EPA range and efficiency figures for its forthcoming Air sedan. And the figures are significant.

Lucid intends to develop and market additional Air models, including a Grand Touring model with a 516-mile EPA range rating. The Grand Touring model starts at $139,000, while the Dream Edition has a based price that starts at $169,000. The Air Touring, which starts at $95,000, and the Air Pure, which starts at $77,400, are two additional, less costly models that the manufacturer wants to sell.

The Lucid Air’s first model, the Dream Edition, is available in two versions, with the Range concentrating on driving distance and the Efficiency focusing on increased power and speed. The 933-hp Range, naturally, has the longest range in the market, with the EPA projecting 520 miles on standard 19-inch wheels and 481 miles on optional 21-inch wheels on a single charge. The Lucid Air has the greatest range of any EV evaluated by the EPA, at 520 miles.

Lucid Air EPA Range
Lucid Air EPA Range

For a slight improvement in acceleration, the Performance version of the automobile has a considerably lower range (0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds instead of 2.7 seconds).

With the 19-inch wheels, the EPA predicts that the 1111-hp Performance version can go 471 miles on a charge, a statistic that decreases by 20 miles when coupled with the 21-inches.

The Air will be offered in Grand Touring trim, which produces 800 horsepower, in addition to the Dream Edition.

The Grand Touring can go 516 miles with 19-inch wheels and 469 miles with 21-inch wheels.

For comparison, the Tesla Model S with the longest range on a single charge, the Long Range, has an EPA range estimate of 405 miles, while the Tesla Model S with the most power, the 1020-hp Plaid, has an EPA range estimate of 348 miles.

The 113kWh battery pack and aerodynamic architecture technology of the Air contribute to the vehicle’s outstanding range. Of fact, the range is extremely subjective, At 116 MPGe: 291 Wh/mi (181 Wh/km), its total efficiency (including charging losses) is excellent. and the EPA rating is intended to give a glimpse of the Air’s effectiveness under the agency’s experimental conditions. It usually eliminates things like difficult hill climbs and cold weather impacts.

Lucid Air’s race-proven 900V battery and BMS technology, as well as the tiny drive units and Wunderbox technology, provide it ultra-high efficiency, allowing it to go further on less battery energy. at this estimated EPA range, Lucid CEO Rawlinson stated: “The next generation of electric vehicles has arrived!”

The most effective model of the Air, the Grand Touring with 19-inch wheels, is rated at 130 MPGe in the city, 132 MPGe on the highway, and 131 MPGe combined, according to Lucid startup EV. The least fuel-efficient Air is the Dream Edition Performance with 21-inch wheels, with a combined 111 MPGe rating of 110 MPGe in the city and 111 MPGe on the highway.

The Air was expected to start production in the spring of this year, but it has been postponed until late 2021. Lucid company is one step on the way to delivering automobiles to customers now that the EPA ratings are achieved in place.