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2023 BMW iX M60 EV Podcast Review


BMW has unveiled the iX M60, a performance variant of its iX electric SUV.

The BMW iX M60 combines BMW I and BMW M’s revolutionary power. Discover the first fully-electric BMW M vehicle in the Sports Activity Vehicle performance sector. The EV is powered by two BMW M eDrive motors and is purely electric (zero local CO2 emissions).

The M60 has all-wheel drive with an electric motor on each axle, just like the 516-horsepower iX xDrive50. These motors now produce 610 horsepower when in Sport mode and 811 pound-feet of torque when Launch Control is active.

The stylish electric car has a generously sized interior and a modern atmosphere, with state-of-the-art technology and an improved choice of standard equipment.

While adaptive air suspension is an option on the xDrive50, it is standard on the iX M60, which is combined with a double-wishbone front suspension and a multilink rear suspension. The air suspension has electronically controlled shock absorbers that can alter the height of each wheel based on speed and load.

The height may be adjusted via a button on the center console, and the drive modes change the damper programming to improve handling and ride quality.

E-Motor, Power, and Performance

The BMW iX M60 has two motors: a front-mounted 255 horsepower unit and a rear-mounted 483 horsepower unit. The M-specific configuration of these motors results in a high power-rating, which applies to the primary electric drive, which is the rear motor, to a higher extent. The power density of the front motor is 1.96 kW/kg, while the rear motor has a power density of 2.59 kW/kg. They are capable of achieving up to 93% efficiency.

The motors of the iX M60 produce a total torque of 749 lb.-ft. and a combined output of 532 hp. The maximum power increases to 610 hp in Sport mode, but this is only a transient surge that lasts a few seconds. It’s possible to momentarily increase the torque.

The BMW iX M60 features entirely electric M Power, precise driving characteristics, and cutting-edge technology. With 455 kW/619 hp and 1,100 Nm, the BMW M eDrive electric motors are powerful. Thanks to Launch Control and electric all-wheel drive BMW xDrive, the car accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in a fast 3.8 seconds.

Electronic dampers and adaptive 2-axle air suspension with M-specific tune, Integral Active Steering, and M Sport Brake provide precise handling and control.

BMW M IconicSounds Electric’s emotive sound design emphasizes the M driving experience.

Furthermore, BMW M has tweaked the iX’s dual-axle air suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers to improve agility and dynamic performance. With an M-specific feature, continuously adjustable valves adaptively manage the damper forces. They can adjust the damper force to the ideal amount in a matter of milliseconds. On the rear axle, BMW Group claims to have utilized robustly dimensioned anti-rollbars.

When the BMW iX M60 is at a standstill, a pulsing motion in the seat surfaces and a matching display on the BMW Curved Display signal the driver‘s readiness to take off.

The capacity, Range, and Charge of the Battery

The battery pack is the same 106.3 kWh unit, but while the iX xDrive50 has a range of 324 miles, the iX M60 has a range of 280 miles, which is approximately 14% less. Please keep in mind that these are the EPA’s preliminary estimations. The iX M60, like the iX xDrive50, can be charged at up to 11 kW (AC) or 195 kW (DC).

With your BMW iX M60 with BMW Charging, you get amazing charging performance and a variety of tailor-made options for charging at home, on the road, and at work.

You can recharge up to 93 miles in just 10 minutes*. You can recharge up to 80% of your electric range in less than 35 minutes at public IONITY High Power Charging stations.

The figures are based on a 10% starting state of charge.

The majority of charging stations supply less than 50 kiloWatts and charge at a slower rate. Other elements that impact charging durations include battery temperature, condition, and initial charge, vehicle equipment functioning while charging, ambient temperature, and other variables. The charging times shown are based on the best possible charging circumstances. Charging at a rate of more than 80% slows down to safeguard the battery. Charges from the network provider apply.

Design of The Exterior and Interior

The BMW iX M60’s body is monolithic and sporty in appearance, while the futuristic interior greets the driver and passengers with opulent sports flair:

  • The huge vertical BMW kidney grille, slim twin headlights, and three-part front apron distinguish the front area.
  • The optional 22″ aerodynamic wheels in Titanium Bronze, as well as the optional BMW Exterior Line in Titanium Bronze, give the car a dynamic appeal.
  • With a thin instrument panel, a BMW Curved Display, and beautiful interior elements, the cabin is ultra-modern.
  • The iX M60’s interior has gold-bronze surfaces and controls, as well as an M logo on the instrument cluster.

The interior is Suite Amido’s special olive leaf-tanned natural leather on the instrument panel, door trim panels, center console, and seats offer a contemporary atmosphere of sustainable luxury. The upholstery is beautiful and soft because of the intricate quilting seams. The gold-bronze accent components in the headrest are likewise a match.

The iX M60 has a sportier appearance, although most aspects are the same as the Sport package on non-M iXs.

The M Sport braking system’s calipers are blue in color and include an M logo.

Standard wheels are 21-inch Aero Style 102, but an improvement to distinctive 22-inch wheels with a special Titanium Bronze finish is available.

Further aesthetic features are the BMW Individual Titanium Bronze Exterior Line and M emblems in a High Gloss Black/Titanium Bronze finish on the front side panels and rear.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Experience cutting-edge technology in a cutting-edge environment: the BMW iX M60 with the new BMW iDrive operating concept comes standard with digital services, smart driver support systems, and 5G.

The M60, being the top-of-the-line iX version, comes with a slew of sophisticated features as standard. Standard features include M-enhanced dual-axle air suspension, Integral Active Steering (Active Steering + rear-axle steering), and M Sport brakes with blue calipers. Standard features include Icon Adaptive LED headlights with Laserlight, a panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof, BMW IconicSounds Electric with a distinctive driving sound, acoustic pedestrian protection, and a Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System.

Finally, BMW Live Cockpit Professional and BMW Natural Interaction are included in the iX M60’s extensive standard kit. BMW Live Cockpit Professional comprises the BMW Curved Display, a redesigned UI and menu structure with individually adjustable widgets, an enlarged BMW Head-Up Display, and the BMW Controller.

The BMW Curved Display combines a completely digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster and a 14.9-inch control display into a single unit directed towards the driver. It runs on the BMW Operating System 8 (BMW OS 8), which has futuristic textures and shapes as well as eye-catching visuals. The new BMW Head-Up Display has a flush-fit projector that is meant to be hidden from view.

In an innovative interior with intuitive-reach working components, BMW iDrive smoothly continues your usual digital experience in the car. Touchscreen and voice control interactions with your infotainment system are always simple and natural, resulting in an integrated, smart, and emotive experience. always on the cutting edge of technology.

Upgrade Software from a Distance:
Your BMW will always be up to date with Remote Software Upgrade. The updates may be downloaded and installed via the My BMW App or the SIM card installed in the vehicle. Other possible BMW features are also triggered in this manner.

Charge Connected:
Everything you need to charge your electric BMW is available at BMW Charging. You’ll have the essentials for charging at home and when out and about in your vehicle. You may also choose from a variety of additional BMW Charging goods and services that are suited to your specific needs.

Connected Package Expert:
The Connected Package Professional includes Concierge Service, Remote Services, smartphone connectivity (including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), Connected Music, and BMW Maps with Connected Navigation and Connected Parking as standard features.

BMW Digital Key Plus (BMW):
Your compatible smartphone becomes a full-fledged car key with the BMW Digital Key Plus. When you approach your smartphone, the car will recognize it thanks to super wide-band technology. When you approach your BMW, you will be greeted by unique lights, and the doors will instantly unlock.

Featured Accessories

Fitted Mat for BMW Luggage Compartment:
BMW baggage compartment mats are anti-slip and water-resistant and protect the luggage compartment from dirt and moisture.

BMW 520 Black/Titanium Silver Roof Box:
It is compatible with all BMW roof rack systems and is accessible from both sides.

BMW Pro 2.0 Rear Bike Rack:
The BMW rear bike rack Pro 2.0 for two bikes or e-bikes is light and stable. It can carry a maximum weight of 60 kg and can be folded up into a small space.

Driving & Safety

BMW’s M performance division is getting ready for the future. BMW has increased the wick on its new electric SUV, the iX M60, after unveiling the i4 M50, the first electric BMW to bear an M badge, last autumn.

Although there are few aesthetic differences between the M60 and the basic iX, the new performance edition gets a boost in power and a slew of standard features.

The iX M60’s high-performance drivetrain, which includes two high-performance BMW M eDrive motors, ensures quick power delivery. The all-wheel drive’s rear-biased configuration and an expressive sound emphasize the sporting nature. Even on lengthy journeys, a large high-voltage battery with a long-range ensures the characteristics of the ultimate driving machine.

The X5 M’s pure electric alternative delivers a catapult-like launch with an “unwavering aplomb and accelerates as if on rails” when the Launch Control feature is used, according to the BMW Group.

The iX M60 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds when you step on the pedal!

The iX M60 is 0.8 seconds faster than the iX xDrive50, and while the latter has a peak speed of 124 mph, the iX M60 can go up to 155 mph. The iX M60 accelerates smoothly with no drive slip, and the suspension rarely needs to interfere to keep it stable.

According to the company, the actuator-based wheel slip limiter offers excellent traction with lightning-fast and accurate response times in the event of instability.

Settings for driving dynamics and the interior come together in My Modes to provide a seamless overall experience. The displays and lighting, as well as other aspects of the car interior, adjust to the atmosphere for the relevant mode, whether sporty, efficient, or balanced. Your particular appearance and feel are completed by matching the chassis, driving system, and steering settings.

During crucial or tedious traffic circumstances, the driving assistant professional provides maximum comfort and safety. In addition to the elements of the driving assistant, it includes steering and lane control assistants, an emergency stop assistant*, and a lane-keeping assistant with active side collision safety.

BMW iX M60 Price

The BMW iX M60 will go on sale in the United States in June. In its base configuration, the top-of-the-line iX version will cost USD 105,100 plus USD 995 for destination and handling.

Customer deliveries of the regular BMW iX xDrive50 in the United States will begin in March. The most basic setup costs USD84,195. (MSRP of USD 83,200 plus USD 995 destination). When the BMW iX went on pre-order in June 2021, it was extremely popular. The initial batch of automobiles was sold out in less than five months. The iX pre-order website on said that the initial batch was “sold out.”

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

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