Aiways brand makes on service the electric SUV vehicles segment for their customers: the Chinese manufacturer today unveils the final design of the AIways U6.

Even before the launch of its very first vehicle, the zero-emission U5 SUV, of which you will soon be able to discover our test, the very young Chinese brand and start-up Aiways presented at the beginning of last year a concept of a 100% electric coupe SUV carrying the name U6ion. The production version, presented today by the manufacturer, loses the “ion” in its name but is inspired by it very, very closely. The information concerning him remains fragmented for the moment. Portrait.

As the Aiways U5 arrives in France, the Chinese automaker is looking ahead to reveal the new vehicle. As announced through a first concept car, which was due to see the light of day at the Geneva Motor Show last year, the firm will launch a more sporty model. The AIways U6 shows the end grille.

Aiways U6: China's New electric
Aiways U6 China’s New electric

China Aiways company’s next electric SUV will therefore be very similar to the styling study dubbed U6ion. Characterized by its compact silhouette (although the length could be similar to the 4.68m of the Aiways U5), the Aiways U6 EV will stand out with its plunging pavilion, still in vogue in the market. For the rest, the aesthetic changes are minimal and only the disappearance of the rear window spoiler is obvious.

Technological content, dimensions, price, engine (although we expect it to take that of the U5, just like its 63 kWh battery charging), all of this will be revealed later. Marketing is expected at the end of the year.

The interior is also inspired by brother U5. But the U6 stands out with its only two-spoke steering drive wheel, its larger central screen like Tesla Model 3, its aerators running all along with the dashboard, and a very original gear lever reminiscent of the controls of an airplane. . The interior is also more colorful. In any case on the model presented here.

Okuyama behind the pencil stroke of the AIways U6

Let’s move on to the poetic evocations of the builder’s press release about the inspirations to retain just one name: that of master Kiyoyuki Okuyama. Because to be sure to mark the spirits, the AIways U5 was put on paper by the father of the Honda NSX, the Ferrari Enzo, or the Shinkansen, the Japanese TGV!

The electrical endowment of this automotive SUV (which also has a closed steering driving wheel) has not been specified, but it should be similar to that of the U5. A little more patience then, since the AIways U6 will be marketed by the end of the year in Europe according to the manufacturer.