Ford Motor Company announced on Tuesday that Doug Field, the chief executive of Apple’s special projects group, will join the team.

Doug Field, Apple’s car project‘s chief, is being hired away from the iPhone manufacturer by Ford Motor Company.

Between 2 periods at Apple, Doug Field was a senior engineer at Tesla, and he played a key role in launching the Model 3 sedan. In 2018, Field Doug returned to Apple as a vice president in the special projects group. Now, just on Tuesday, Ford Motor Company announced that Doug Field will join the team.

Doug Field will report to Ceo and President Jim Farley as the company’s chief advanced technology & embedded systems officer.

Ford Motor Company Hires Away Apple’s Car Chief, Doug Field

Ford Motor Company has made great progress in convincing investors that it can compete with Tesla and rivals on electric cars & technology during Jim Farley’s leadership. After his 2 predecessors supervised over a years-long downturn, Ford stocks have nearly doubled after Jim Farley took control last October.

Losing “Doug” Field is really a setback for Apple, whose car project has passed across numerous of strategy & leadership since it started in 2014. Field Doug joined the vehicle group’s leadership team in 2018 and is at least the fourth person to leave since February.

By producing phones, tablets, laptops, and services, Apple has now become the world’s most valuable corporation, with a market value of almost $2.6 trillion. Investors & clients have really been clamoring for new device types, while early this year, speculations about such a car project were prevalent.

People associated with the project stated in January that some Apple car engineers estimate the company might launch a product within 5 to 7 years if it decides to go through with it. In March, it was announced that conversations with a number of major carmakers, such as Hyundai Corporation, had stopped.

Now, “Doug” Field started his career working for Ford Motor Company as an engineer.