Tesla Electric cars History

September 2015: Tesla launches its first electric SUV, the Model X
July 2017: Tesla electric cars Model 3 deliveries begin
November 2017: presentation of the Tesla Semi and the new Roadster
November 2019: Elon Musk lifts the veil on the Tesla Cybertruck with great fanfare
March 2020: Tesla Model Y begins shipping to customers
January 2021: presentation of the restyled versions of the Model S and Model X

Tesla Model S:

This is the brand’s large electric sedan. The first model manufactured industrially and offered since 2012, has evolved considerably over the years. Its design has been modernized, and its interior will totally change this year. It is the one that offers the most powerful version, with the new Tesla Model S Plaid +.

Tesla Model X:

This electric SUV is the higher version of the Tesla Model S. Offering a comparable technological level, it is known for its Falcon rear doors, with specific openings. The flagship of the Tesla fleet, the Model X is also the safest car on the automotive market. It is available in two finishes, Grande Autonomie and Plaid.

Tesla Model 3:

The culmination of Elon Musk’s 10-year plan. The Model 3 is the first affordable qualifying car in the Tesla lineup. Its entry price of $ 35,000 made it a very attractive car, and above all competitors in the market.

This slightly smaller electric sedan than the Model S is based on a new platform, and it is the first Tesla to be made in China, at the all-new Gigafactory in Shanghai. It is available in three versions, Standard Plus Range, Long Range, and Performance.

Tesla Model Y:

Tesla’s small electric SUV is still quite an imposing size, with the same size as the Tesla Model 3 from which it uses its architecture. There are currently two versions of the Model Y, Long Range, and Performance.

The latest model to have joined the production lines of the brand’s factories will be manufactured in Europe in the Gigafactory Berlin. It is also designed on the lines of the Gigafactory in Nevada, and in China.

Tesla Cybertruck:

This electric pickup made a lot of noise during its presentation. The first reason for this is the way the glass shattered when Elon Musk tried to prove it was armored, but it was mostly the design that got the talk. In addition to its disproportionate size, the Cybertruck has a unique triangular line and large flat surfaces.

Elon Musk recently explained that his final design, certainly more subtle for commercialization, will be unveiled soon. It will be available in three versions, with a range of up to 800 kilometers. The official Cybertruck release date is not yet known.

Tesla Roadster:

The Tesla Roadster feeds all the fantasies related to Tesla, gathered in one model. The performances announced for the small electric sports coupe are absolutely insane, with 0 to 100 km / h in a second and a half. The yoke that serves as the prototype’s steering wheel is a big talk, as is the fact that Musk would like to install rockets there and make it fly. Obviously, the marketed version of the Roadster should be a little wiser, but it should not go on sale before 2022 or 2023.

Tesla Semi:

An electric heavyweight with a central place, the Tesla Semi is to mark the brand’s arrival in the road transport industry. Like the Cybertruck, the Semi will offer a range of up to 800 kilometers. The juggernaut is already of interest to major brands, such as Pepsi, who want to green their fleet. Its batteries will use the all-new 4680 cells, the improved density of which should improve range and charging time.