The New Audi Urbansphere Concept Vehicle is a “Lounge on Wheels” with Autonomous-Driving Capability!

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Podcast – Audi Designed The Urbansphere Concept Vehicle For Chinese Cities

Audi has added a “lounge on wheels” to its latest range of electric concept cars, which aims to represent the German carmaker’s vision for the future of automotive transportation.

Developed for drivers in crowded places like China, the newest “Urbansphere” concept serves as a mobile workplace and a third living space, according to the firm.

The car, similar to earlier Audi “sphere” concepts that the firm began unveiling the year before, aims for autonomous driving in most conditions.

The latest model is taller than the others, blurring the distinction between such a minivan and a big crossover, which offers greater capacity and is popular in China.

The Audi Urbansphere was designed by engineers and designers for use in traffic-congested Chinese cities, but the concept is also appropriate for any other urban center on the planet. The concept vehicle provides the most interior space of any Audi to date in these urban areas, where personal space is particularly scarce.

stated Audi in a statement.

The inside of the Urbansphere follows trends defined by previous Audi concepts. It has a contemporary look in wood and technologically sophisticated features such as a stowaway steering wheel and a big video screen across the vehicle’s front dashboard.

According to the automaker, the word “sphere” is supposed to stand for the car’s internal space for passengers and drivers.

Concept cars are frequently used by carmakers to assess customer interest or to demonstrate the future path of a car. The cars are not intended for sale to the public.

Audi | The Audi Urbansphere Concept – World Premiere