The 100% electric car models have multiplied a lot lately. So it is not easy to choose. We have selected the 3 Best electric vehicles for you right now. follow the leader!

Due to favorable legislation, the wings of the Best electric vehicles have grown in 2020. Their sales have already increased by 160%. Its previously very small market share was 6.7%. Certainly, gasoline (47%) and diesel (31%) cars perform better. But plug-in hybrids, which are more versatile and slightly cheaper, don’t (just 4.5%). Above all, the show doubled. Also, when changing vehicles, it is not always easy to know which model to refer to.

Even more than a thermal or thermal vehicle, an informed decision is necessary to become well acquainted with their services. Because despite their great promises, not all-electric cars are the same in terms of our measurements under ISO 9001. However, autonomy remains a major concern. Unsurprisingly, our picks include cars that excel in this area. And models from different sectors so you can find a car that perfectly suits your needs.

Among the villagers of Reno Zoe

Is it still useful to show? It is no coincidence that the Zoe is the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe. In his experience, its first generation dates back to 2013, the small Renault is very homogeneous in the two different realities that are presented.

The cheapest R110, at 600 euros (108 hp), offers the best range (395 km measured in the city). More efficient, but not sold for less than 34,800 euros (without bonus), the R135 (135 hp) is much more comfortable on the road. Otherwise, these two models have the same characteristics and the same disadvantages.

The riding position (long and straight) may not be suitable for everyone. But its interior, more spacious than that of its main competitor, the Peugeot e-208, will be more convincing. On the driver’s side, it’s a little less smooth than its thermal sibling, the Clio (low-speed dry suspension, lack of traction, high weight), and invites you to pour.

After all, its smoothness is still very good in the city (the pair is available from the beginning, with no gear changes, no noise). Definitely a great option for anyone looking for an SUV.
the majority

Autonomy in the city
Brake meter successfully

The lessers

Poor charger performance
Quick charge 50 kW max.
Improved driving mode

Tesla Model 3 in the car

The Model 3 has no shortage of arguments behind its high-tech image. In terms of form and substance alone, the American (4.69m) provides a unique atmosphere that is combined with great driving pleasure. The working radius depends on the specific version.

The Long Range actually lasts over 300 miles on the road … with the same load restrictions as other electrics. nothing bad. Overall performance is excellent. Thanks to the all-wheel-drive system, the chassis is assembled without rocking. However, be careful not to be too optimistic as the Model 3 is heavy (over 1.8 tons).

The maximum amount of internal cleansing is staggering. Choice of materials and accessories too … but not so good! Ergonomics suffer from a lack of buttons. It is absolutely essential with its 15 ”center screen. It is not always clear, but it is responsive and has excellent readability.
The majority

Autonomy with a large battery
Unique atmosphere
Great performance
Driver's license

The lessers

Limited network
To tame the work environment

It is one of the urban SUV Hyundai Kona

In the Kona family, electrical developments were the most advanced at the beginning of the year. At least from an aesthetic point of view (fender protection is now painted, new front design). The fundamentals changeless and the universe remains this homogeneous SUV, which impresses with its length (except on the road), its respectable suspension comfort, and a good size-to-room ratio.

While the 204 horsepower provides excellent momentum on the road, the front end struggles to handle that power. There comes a point where all the people of KUNA agree on their independence in the city. 480 km between two shipments. It’s better than the Tesla 3. Don’t look, only its cousin Kia, the E-Soul does better by our measurements.
The majority

Range of activities in the city and on the street
Transparent handle
5 year warranty

The lessers

Autonomy on the road is still fair
Extended discharge time