Byd Han EV Review Podcast


The BYD Han (Chinese: ) is a mid-size sedan produced by BYD in China. It is available in both an all-electric and a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version. It is the newest member of BYD’s “Dynasty” passenger car series and takes its name from the Han Dynasty, Imperial China’s first golden period. The e9, which is also the flagship of the BYD e-series products, is available in a variant designed for ride-hailing.

The Byd Han EV series, BYD’s long-awaited flagship product for the global mid-to-large sedan market, has been officially launched, with three pure electric variants and one hybrid vehicle.

The Byd Han EV has strong performance paired with elegant workmanship, including the most modern technology in the EV market.

The Byd Han EV establishes new benchmarks for EVs globally in terms of safety, performance, and luxury as the world’s first mass-produced car to feature BYD’s ultra-safe Blade Battery.

In China, the BYD Han EV, which went on sale in July 2020, is now available in a standard-range option. The Han EV is now available in a new base configuration from BYD, which costs CNY 226,000. The price drops to CNY 209,900 when the subsidy is included in.

The Han EV series will establish a new worldwide standard for EV technology and quality, upending the old luxury automobile market while speeding up the global transition to electric cars. The Han EV series, named after one of China’s most famous dynasties, also illustrates the country’s expanding industrial capabilities.

E-Motor, Transmission, and Performance

The Han EV series continues to break new ground, as BYD is no stranger to breaking new ground in the industry. According to the NEDC test cycle, the Han EV’s long-range pure electric model has a phenomenal single-charge range of 605 kilometers (376 miles). The four-wheel-drive high-performance version accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour (62 miles per hour) in 3.9 seconds, making it China’s fastest electric vehicle in production, while the DM (Dual Mode) plug-in hybrid model accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.7 seconds, making it the country’s fastest hybrid sedan.

The Han series has a world-first MOSFET motor control module, which powers the car’s world-record-breaking 3.9 second 0-100km/h acceleration. At the same time, Han’s braking distance from 100 km/h to a stop is only 32.8 meters. The Byd Han EV’s extended version has the world’s greatest energy recovery rating, with a 605-kilometer cruising range, while a double silver-coated windshield and other energy-saving features suit the genuine demands of customers during its lifespan. The Byd Han DM hybrid model has a pure-electric cruising range of 81 kilometers and an integrated range of over 800 kilometers, as well as five variable power modes.

Range, Charge & Battery

The extended-range configuration has the same characteristics as the standard-range Luxury setup. It does, however, have fewer technological characteristics in exchange for a reduced price. It features a 64.8 kWh LFP battery pack instead of the 76.9 kWh LFP battery pack.

In the Luxury grade, the larger battery pack has a range of 605 kilometers (NEDC), while the smaller battery pack has a range of 506 kilometers (NEDC). It’s a ‘Blade’ LFP battery pack with a lower energy capacity. The standard Luxury and extended Luxury configurations also vary in that the former enables fast charging at up to 80 kW against 100 kW in the latter.

Extended-range Premium and extended-range Performance versions of the BYD Han EV are also available. The former is a single-motor RWD car with a range of 605 kilometers, while the latter is a dual-motor AWD vehicle with a range of 550 kilometers.

AspectHan EV standard-range LuxuryHan EV extended-range Luxury
Pre-subsidy PriceCNY 226,000 (31,323 EUR)CNY 246,000 (34,095 EUR)
Post-subsidy PriceCNY 209,800 (29,078 EUR)CNY 229,800 (31,850 EUR)
Battery Pack Type‘Blade’ LFP‘Blade’ LFP
Battery Pack Energy Content64.8 kWh76.9 kWh
Maximum Fast-charging Rate (DC)80 kW100 kW
30-80% SoC Fast-charging Time (DC)25 min25 min
Motor & LocationSingle, frontSingle, front
Motor Power163 kW (222 PS/218 bhp)163 kW (222 PS/218 bhp)
Motor Torque330 Nm330 Nm
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) Acceleration Time7.9 sec3.9 sec
Range (NEDC)506 km (314 miles)605 km (376 miles)
Byd Han EV configurations

Interior & Exterior

BYD is pleased to announce that its best-selling Han EV has received this year’s iF Design Award, a prestigious international design award. The Byd Han EV stood out among over 10,000 other entries in the competitive product design category, becoming the first sedan vehicle from a Chinese automaker to win the prize.

The Byd Han is a big luxury sedan that competes more with the Model S than with the Model 3. It has a lengthy 115.0-inch wheelbase and is 196 inches long, 75.2 inches wide, and 59.9 inches tall. The starting curb weight is 4,400 pounds, making it slightly lighter than the Model S.

The Byd Han also establishes a new standard for electric vehicle luxury. The new Dragon Face appearance language from BYD combines Eastern and Western design principles. The car’s unique appearance, which includes a stunning front grille, Dragon Claw tail lamps, and other characteristics, provides a striking, confident vehicle that represents a new era for Chinese-made luxury automobiles. Solid wood paneling, high-quality Napa leather seats, metal trimmings, and other high-end materials rarely seen in other high-end luxury automobiles make up the inside.

Han EV has incorporated the notion of Chinese aesthetics and the spirit of traditional luxury appearance in the layout and details of its interior, employing Nappa leather, real wood, and aluminum, as well as other sophisticated materials, to express the search for harmony, nature, and perfection.

The Byd Han features a dramatic and forceful exterior and a luxury interior that reinterprets distinctive Chinese aesthetics, drawing inspiration from classic Chinese culture iconography.

Infotainment and Connectivity

On August 29, BYD revealed the DiLink 4.0, their latest in-car operating system, at the Chengdu Auto Show. The system uses 5G technology, which allows for improved connectivity and improvements to everything in the car that relies on the internet.

4G/5G dual-mode communication with a MIMO 4X4 antenna architecture is the new operating system. This, according to the company, improves internet reliability and speeds to 1 Gbps downloads and 100 Mbps uploads.

The DiLink system now has a cleaner UI that shifts between dark and light modes based on the time of dawn and sunset in the area. Dual-frequency location and navigation technology improve positioning accuracy, and speech recognition is now 50% quicker, with improved kid voice recognition.

The DiLink 4.0 upgrade package costs CNY 18,000 and comes with 5G capabilities as well as a new Dynaudio HiFi audio system. Current Han EV owners may get a CNY 8,000 discount for a short period, according to BYD. This deal is only good until December 31, 2021.

Han’s elegance is matched by its intelligence, with features like the NFC mobile phone key function, which allows customers to unlock the car even if their phone is out of battery or has no signal.

Driving & Safety

The Han EV has raised the bar for energy vehicle safety by being the first car in the world to employ BYD’s ultra-safe Blade Battery, which is twice as safe as regular ternary lithium battery packs. The Han’s DM is powered by a “seven-dimensional quad-layer” safety matrix, which provides the world’s safest battery safety system by being stable at high temperatures. Han’s roof is made using advanced laser brazing technology, and its 1500HS thermoformed steel is the most utilized in any comparable Chinese car. Eleven standard airbags and six cameras, as well as extremely effective air purification filters, are among the other prominent safety features.

Furthermore, the Han EV is equipped with the most recent version of BYD’s DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, which includes wide safety features such as adaptive stop-and-go cruise control (ACC-S&G), forward-collision warning system (FCW), pedestrian identification, and protection system, lane departure warning system (LDWS), traffic sign identification, and more. Higher-level functions, such as BYD’s ICC Intelligent Navigation System, the ICA Integrated Adaptive Cruise System, and the TJA Traffic Congestion Assistance System, may be added to the byd han EV. Blind-spot monitoring, lane-change assistance, rear collision early warning, and other leading features are also available on the extended-range premium and 4WD high-efficient versions, which may be upgraded to a comprehensive automatic parking function.

DiPilot also has a DiTrainer mode, which switches on assistance driving depending on criteria including driving behavior, road conditions, weather, and even driving age. The DiLink 3.0 Smart Network system includes smart speech enhancements and a DiUI update, as well as a 15.6-inch Ultra HD 8-core adaptive rotating suspension PAD, making the car even smarter.

The Han EV incorporates not just some of the most cutting-edge automotive technologies, but also BYD’s extensive expertise in EV research and development. As a result, the brand has been able to penetrate into not only China’s high-end sedan industry but also other highly competitive markets. The byd han ev is a strong product that elevates the stature and capabilities of Chinese automobiles and electric vehicles throughout the world, thanks to its tremendous performance, great safety, and representation of a new age of luxury.

Byd Han Price & Sales

For the time being, the byd han EV will only be available in China. The extended version will cost 229,800 RMB (about $32,800), the premium model’s extended variation will cost 255,800 RMB (roughly $36,500), and the 4WD high- efficient version will cost 279,500 RMB (approximately $40,000). Furthermore, the Han DM PHEV version will cost 219,800 yuan (about $31,400).

Since its premiere in July 2020, sales of the byd han have been steadily increasing. Its monthly sales volume has topped 10,000 units for the past four months, and its total sales volume has surpassed 60,000 units, making it China’s best-selling vehicle brand in the mid-to-large sedan market. All of this demonstrates that the Han is widely acknowledged by many authorities and the market in terms of both interior design and sheer power, emphasizing its market-leading position as a new energy vehicle that combines safety, high performance, and elegance.