Cadillac elr has a stunning looking, with exquisite interior and exterior detailing, and it’s the first electric hybrid. The core of the Chevrolet Volt and its front-drive architecture, though, is hidden behind the glitter. The Cadillac ELR runs on electricity for roughly 40 miles before switching to a gas-powered motor to replenish the batteries and maintain everything running. The Cadillac ELR, on the other hand, begins at $65,995, which is significantly more than the Volt. Because that premium is difficult to justify, Cadillac ELR manufacturing has ceased.

2014 Cadillac elr Electrifies The Luxury Market

Cadillac ELR luxury coupe combines striking form with industry-leading extended-range technology to provide a dynamic and ecologically responsible driving experience. It is the first time a full-line premium vehicle company has used Longer Range Electric Vehicle technology.

The 2014 Cadillac ELR fulfills the promises of the Converj Concept, upon which it is built. The exterior creates a new, progressive proportion for the brand, while the interior offers a new design motif that will characterize future Cadillac models, focusing on modern elegance, technology, and meticulously created details.

The sector Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) technology combines pure electric driving with an efficient, range-extending generator to give a complete driving range of 340 miles (545 kilometers).

Exclusive Regen on Request and customizable drive modes complement electric Cadillac ELR’s confident and responsive EREV driving technology, enhancing driving and maximizing economy. The driver can utilize Regen on Demand to convert energy from the Cadillac ELR’s momentum into power that can be held in the battery pack for further use. It’s activated by steering-wheel paddles derived from classic sports vehicles.

In the Cadillac ELR, the tried-and-true EREV technology has been fine-tuned specifically for Cadillac. The majority of everyday journeys will use no gasoline and produce no emissions.

Because EREV technology allows for much the same long-distance freedom as a normal automobile, longer excursions are free of range concerns.

Other Notable Features of The Vehicle Include

-California’s standards for single-occupancy access to high-occupancy car lanes are met by enhanced AT-PZEV emissions.

-Headlamps, daytime running lights, and taillamps made of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), as well as distinctive front and rear illumination components

-Tires engineered to blend quick control and ride quality with efficiency are mounted on twenty-inch wheels.

-Cut-and-sewn highlighted leather, suede microfiber, chrome, wood, and optional carbon fiber finishes are featured throughout the interior decoration.

-Cadillac CUE with Navigation is included as standard equipment. CUE is Cadillac’s ground-breaking connection and control system, which employs Natural Speech Recognition software, capacitive touch, and hand gestures similar to those seen on mobile phones and tablets.

-Online and by smartphone messaging charging alerts, customizable charging schedules, and energy efficiency reports are accessible.

-Advanced active safety technologies from Cadillac, such as the Safety Alert Seat, Forward Collision Alert, and Lane Departure Warning, as well as Side Blind Zone Alert with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and full-speed-range adaptive cruise control.

-HiPer Strut front suspension, compound-crank with Watts link rear suspension, and Continuous Damping Control, which adjusts damping every two milliseconds for excellent ride and handling in all circumstances, are among the modern chassis and suspension systems.

-Bose’s premium 10-channel audio system with noise-canceling is standard.

Cadillac elr Exterior design

The muscular, forward-leaning side profile of the Cadillac ELR offers a new, progressive theme and proportion in Cadillac’s design development. It’s nearly identical to the Converj idea that inspired it in 2009. A broad, arching body line emphasized by 20-inch wheels stretched to the body’s edges reinforces the overall form.

“The Cadillac ELR represents a new dimension of Art & Science, the guiding philosophy of Cadillac,” . “Cadillac’s DNA is innovation, with dramatic and provocative design. Cadillac ELR delivers this in a luxury coupe that stands alone among major luxury brands globally.”

said Mark Adams, Cadillac design director

Day or night, from the front or back, vertical headlight and taillamp components form Cadillac’s trademark for the Cadillac ELR – a brand heritage since 1948.

Aerodynamics are important in the design because airflow is controlled to assist the vehicle glide through the wind with the least amount of drag. A smooth front fascia and grille, as well as tapered fascia corners and dynamic shutters behind the grille opening, allow air to flow freely around the automobile, reducing drag. Sharp edges and a well-designed spoiler control airflow in the back. The steep rake on the windshield and back glass contributes to the Cadillac ELR’s 0.305 coefficient of drag by reducing turbulence and drag.

– Door knobs concealed behind the doors in recesses

– The charge port is placed at the front fender on the driver’s side.

When the battery is charged, the LEDs on the side mirrors flash green and then go black.

Black Raven, Radiant Silver Metallic, Graphite Metallic, and Crystal Red are some of the exterior colors available.

Cadillac elr Interior Details

The Cadillac ELR interior design team prioritized luxury furnishings, outstanding proportions, and fluid and ergonomic cockpit with the newest technological interface. From the instrument panel to the doors to the rear glass, a continuous feature line provides a full and harmonious cockpit atmosphere.

“The Cadillac ELR interior is a convergence of expressive forms and premium materials that create the optimal balance of sport and luxury,” “No expense was spared in bringing authentic material selections and the latest technology interface into the car.”

said Keith Fisher, interior design manager

The Cadillac ELR 2+2 configuration is made up of a variety of carefully chosen components, including carbon fiber and ultra-premium Opus semi-aniline leather seats. There are also the following features:

-Four customizable eight-inch instrument and driver data displays, ranging from aesthetically basic to technologically comprehensive information

-Fold-down rear seatbacks to allow longer things such as skis and golf clubs -Power-assist covered storage/cup holder in the center console

-LED-powered accent lighting that is choreographed.

The interior color palette includes Medium Cashmere and Jet Black.

Cadillac ELR and CUE

The Cadillac CUE with Navigation system is an important part of the Cadillac ELR’s driving experience, providing energy use and recharge choices in addition to conventional infotainment features like phone contacts and music information.

CUE combines information and entertainment from up to 10 Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, USBs, SD cards, and MP3 players with a vehicle infotainment system that simplifies things with personalized information, natural voice control, fewer buttons, and bigger icons. From the “simple user” to the fully connected “superuser,” it is meant to be distinctive for each customer.

– Proximity sensing: Command icons show when the user’s hand approaches the LCD screen. Consumers may edit and organize icons to make them easier to use.

– Haptic feedback: When pushed, buttons on the completely capacitive faceplate pulse, acknowledging the driver’s orders and allowing the driver to maintain his or her eyes on the road.

– Multi-touch hand gestures: Popularized by mobile phones and tablets, reactive motions (tap, flick, swipe, and spread) enable for quick browsing of lists, magnifying maps, and finding selections on the LCD screen.

– Natural voice recognition: Allows users to remember saved material or input navigation locations with fewer explicit commands. Users may also use CUE’s text-to-speech capability to receive text messages by system audio and transmit recorded text messages in return.

– ARM 11 three-core CPU, Linux – based operating system, and ‘open’ system software: Each one processes 400 million operations per second, and the hardware configuration provides 3.5 times the computing power of existing infotainment systems. It also lets designers develop CUE apps that users can download.

At the press of a button, CUE’s motorized faceplate pivots forward, exposing a hidden storage compartment with a USB port that fits cellphones and other electrical devices as well as personal belongings.

The driver’s five most commonly used functions are stored along the top of the CUE LCD panel. Users may save up to 60 favorites at the bottom of the display, ranging from song to areas of interest, locations, temperature or navigation maps, contact numbers, or system commands like “tag song.” Favorites may also be renamed and reordered to make them easier to remember.

A five-way controller on the steering wheel controls the cluster screen, volume, cycling through favorites, voice commands, phone hang-up, and much more.

Cadillac elr Driving Experience

The striking look of the Cadillac ELR is complemented with an exciting driving experience, which is aided by the EREV propulsion system, which is tuned for uncompromising performance. With 295 lb.-ft. (400 Nm) of torque – approximately 12% more than the 3.6L V-6 in the SRX – acceleration in the city and on the highway, involving merging and overtaking, is reassuringly quick.

Through revised steering and suspension adjustments, the Cadillac ELR’s Sport driving mode adds to its snappy driving experience by automatically redesigning the accelerator pedal reaction to enable faster torque application and more sensitive reaction to driver inputs.

Sport mode is one of four options available to the driver to assist optimize the Cadillac ELR’s experience of driving for a range of driving styles and circumstances. The following are the others:

– Tour mode: The Cadillac ELR’s standard-setting is meant to be utilized the most and delivers the maximum comfort and efficiency when driving.

– Mountain mode: automatically adjusts the system to deliver essential power in hilly settings where vehicle performance could be hindered otherwise. Mountain mode permits Cadillac ELR to maintain a sufficient charge level so that the battery may provide extra power if needed.

-Hold mode: Owners may direct when the Cadillac ELR utilizes its gas-powered electricity generator in Hold mode, saving the remaining battery charge for future use. This function aids efficiency by allowing owners who combine city and highway driving to preserve battery charge for city driving, where the ELR EV mode performs best.

Highly developed suspension and damping technologies, such as Continuous Damping Control, which adjust damping every two milliseconds to ensure optimal vehicle ride control over changing road surfaces and profiles, boost driving confidence even further. The Cadillac ELR is equipped with 20-inch wheels and low-rolling-resistance tires that combine great handling and cornering prowess with the economy.

The Cadillac ELR is built on a sturdy, stable foundation, with a body-frame-integral construction and major underbody rails that run completely from front to back. Advanced, high-strength steels provide added strength while reducing weight.

– Wide front and rear tracks, measuring 62.1 inches (1,578 mm) in front and 62.4 inches (1,585 mm) in behind, plus a long wheelbase (106.1 inches / 2,695 mm) and a low center of gravity

– HiPer Strut front suspension with lightweight formed aluminum parts for a lighter, more agile, and responsive ride.

– A rack-mounted, dual-pinion electric power steering system with quality ZF steering gear that provides great feedback while reducing fuel consumption.

-An electro-hydraulic regenerating brake system that absorbs energy and delivers it to the battery pack -Hydraulic ride bushings in the front and rear suspensions

-Anti-lock brakes, traction control, and StabiliTrak electronic stability control are all basic chassis control mechanisms.

Because the Cadillac ELR is so silent in all-electric mode, a driver-activated function makes a noise to warn pedestrians in a junction, especially those with impaired eyesight. In collaboration with the American Federation of the Blind, the alert was created.

Propulsion and Charging Technology

The Cadillac ELR is powered by GM EREV technology, which combines pure electric driving with a fuel-efficient, range-extending 1.4L gasoline-powered electric generator with a total system output of 162 kW (217 hp).

The Cadillac ELR’s battery is a T-shaped lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 16.5 kWh. For best distribution of weight, it is positioned along the vehicle’s midline, between the front and back wheels. The 5.5-foot-long (1.6 m), 435-pound (198 kg) battery pack powers the vehicle’s sophisticated electric drive unit, which produces 295 lb.-ft. of immediate torque (400 Nm). GM estimates that the ELR will have a range of roughly 37 miles (60 km) of fully electric driving using only the power stored in the battery, depend on topography, driving methods, and climate.

a selected by the driver When the ELR utilizes its electric generator, it is in hold mode. This function aids in the improvement of the electric driving experience. This function enhances the electric-driving experience that allows owners who drive both in the city and on the highway to preserve battery energy for city driving, where the ELR EV mode is most efficient.

A 120V electrical outlet or a separate 240V charging station may be used to charge the ELR’s battery. Using a 240V charging station, the car may be fully recharged in around 5 hours, depending on the ambient temperature.

Owners may plan instant or delayed charging once the car is plugged in, even coordinating charging based on departure time or when power costs are lower. Owners may also operate and monitor the Cadillac ELR from their smartphone using RemoteLink, an OnStar-powered mobile app.

The battery in the Cadillac ELR comes with an eight-year/100,000-mile guarantee.

Cadillac elr Price

The Cadillac ELR model, Cadillac’s new electrified coupe, was expected to hit the market shortly, and now we know how much it will cost: the ELR will price start at $75,995 when it goes on sale. If a buyer qualifies for federal tax credits, the cost of the home may be as low as $68,495.

Cadillac elr Manufacturing

The Cadillac ELR is built in GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant, which is the world’s only automobile manufacturing plant that mass-produces extended-range electric cars for 21 nations across the globe. It also has the biggest solar photovoltaic array in Southeast Michigan. The 264,000 square-foot structure generates up to 516 kilowatts of power each day, enough even to charge 150 ELRs.

Since 1902, Cadillac has been a leading luxury automaker. Cadillac has orchestrated a historic resurgence in recent years, fueled by artistic engineering and cutting-edge technology. At, you can learn more about Cadillac.