Dacia Spring is a new chapter in Dacia company’s history. This is not just the brand’s first all-electric vehicle, but also its first compact city car. The Dacia Spring Electric will feature a version for car-sharing services as well as a Cargo utility model in addition to its version for private users. Everything comes at a Dacia spring price, including the batteries.

Dacia is making electric mobility models available with the Dacia spring, after democratizing the car with the Logan and then the SUV with the Duster. It is a 100 percent electric city vehicle that is flexible, practical, and cost-effective to purchase and operate. It satisfies the demand for new modes of transportation that emit zero emissions and provide the extra joy of driving an electric vehicle.

Dacia is used to breaking the codes of the market. And it’s a success story. Over the past fifteen years, Dacia sold 6.8 million vehicles in 44 countries. After Logan and Duster, the third revolution is happening with Dacia Spring Electric.

Denis le Vot, Groupe Renault Executive Committee member

Renault Spring Electric is a flexible 4-seater city car from Dacia that, after democratizing the new automobile, provides cheap access to the benefits of electric mobility.

Dacia’s economic strategy and cars are continuously shaking up the automotive market. Logan democratized new vehicle ownership in 2004, Duster shook up the SUV industry, and Spring Electric represents a revolution in the electric car market today. The Dacia Spring Electric city vehicle is available in two levels of equipment and without the need to hire a battery. Whether you wish to purchase a car or use one as part of a fleet, Dacia offers an inexpensive solution to today’s sustainable transportation demands with this model.

Dacia Full Electric City Car

Dacia Spring has an aggressive, disruptive, and entertaining appearance thanks to its SUV characteristics. Its comforting size alludes to plenty of internal space. Four adults can be easily accommodated in the warm and well-equipped interior. The trunk, which is worthy of the top part, has a 300-liter capacity.

Dacia Spring Electric is a genuine city inhabitant with modest dimensions, despite its daring appearance and record-breaking roominess. It offers excellent adaptability for both urban and suburban use, with a range of 225 km in the WLTP cycle ( maximum 295 km in WLTP City).

Electric Mobility Accessible

However, the Dacia Spring Electric isn’t simply a car for individuals. Dacia offers a realistic solution to modern demands for sustainable transportation accessible to all, with special variants devoted to car-sharing and the globe of commercial vehicles. As a result, a Cargo version of Spring Electric is available for last-mile delivery providers. The boot expands to take the place of the back seat, with a capacity of 800 liters and a payload of 325 kg weight.

The Spring is going to make inroads into three distinct markets: retail market, car-sharing with numerous car-sharer operators throughout Europe, and on the last-mile delivery with its Cargo van version. Cool and trendy, Dacia Spring will change the game as an affordable electric mobility solution for all.

Denis le Vot

Large-scale Deployment of Renault Spring

Renault Spring is the result of two distinct fields of expertise: based on researched data by the expertise Dacia is providing essential cars at an affordable price, and Groupe Renault‘s expertise in designing high-performance and reliable EVs, thanks to 30,000 employees trained in electric mobility.

In order to help the environment, the Renault Group is seeking to increase the use of electric cars on a large scale. Dacia Spring is a part of this goal: as Europe’s most inexpensive electric car, it will make electric mobility available to the world’s largest population.

Dacia Spring E-Motor

The Dacia Spring Electric is powered by a 100% electric powertrain that produces 33 kW (44 horsepower) and 125 Nm of torque with a top speed of 125 km/h. It has a number of advantages in terms of operation, including fast acceleration response, no gear shifting, silent operation, and no vibration.

Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h *15.0 sec
Top Speed125 km/h
Electric Range *170 km
Dacia Sprinc Performance
Total Power33 kW (45 PS)
Total Torque125 Nm
Dacia Sprinc Performance

Energy Consumption

EVDB Real Range

Range *170 km
Vehicle Consumption *158 Wh/km
CO2 Emissions0 g/km
Vehicle Fuel Equivalent *1.8 l/100km

WLTP Ratings

Range225 km
Rated ConsumptionNo Data
Vehicle Consumption119 Wh/km
CO2 Emissions0 g/km
Rated Fuel EquivalentNo Data
Vehicle Fuel Equivalent1.3 l/100km

Dacia Spring Range

Spring Electric’s battery has a capacity of 26.8 kWh, giving it a comforting range of 225 km equal to 140 miles WLTP (295 km in WLTP City), ensuring a considerable variety of usage, both urban and peri-urba, Renault Spring Max range is 265 km.

City – Cold Weather *170 km
Highway – Cold Weather *115 km
Combined – Cold Weather *140 km
Real Drive Range Estimation
City – Mild Weather *265 km
Highway – Mild Weather *150 km
Combined – Mild Weather *195 km
Real Drive Range Estimation

Renault Spring Recharge Time

Dacia Spring Electric provides a wide range of charging options, all of which are unrestricted owing to the included AC cable and the optional DC cable. It may be plugged into any sort of electrical outlet, including household energy sockets, reinforced “Green-up” type outlets, Wall boxes, fast charging terminals, and so on. The lithium-ion battery charges in less than one hour for an 80 percent charge on a 30 kW DC terminal and less than five hours for a 100 percent charge on a 7,4 kW Wallbox.

Battery Capacity *26.8 kWh
Battery Useable*26.8 kWh
Battery and Charging


Charge PortType 2
Port LocationFront – Middle
Charge Power6.6 kW AC
Charge Time (0->170 km)5 hours
Charge Speed36 km/h
Fastcharge PortCCS
FC Port LocationFront – Middle
Fastcharge Power (max)30 kW DC
Fastcharge Time (17->136 km)59 min
Fastcharge Speed120 km/h
Battery and Charging

Dacia Spring Interior

Spring Electric is a disruptive city inhabitant with an aggressive and strong appearance that is suited for facing the urban jungle. Its design has a comforting solidity and hints at tremendous internal habitability in its compact size. With enlarged wheel arches, roof bars, a rear ski, and higher ground clearance, it defies the rules of the electric car (150 mm unladen). The new Dacia Y-shaped lighting signature is installed in the rear lights.

This 5-door city vehicle has a small appearance but offers four genuine seats and plenty of onboard room. The spacious 300-liter trunk, which belongs in the top section, has the best load-bearing capacity in its class. The rear bench seat may be folded down for further versatility. Finally, the Dacia Spring Electric is one of the few vehicles in its class to include a real spare tire that does not take up valuable trunk space.

Made to Measure

People are able to purchase the Dacia Spring Electric, but it will also be accessible as part of car-sharing programs in major cities. Corporate fleets and specialists will be able to use it as well, thanks to a specific Cargo version.

Dacia Spring Price

The Dacia Spring will begin deliveries in France and Europe in the autumn of 2021. Precommandations began on March 20th, with three levels of completion:

– Comfort: This entry-level version has manual climate control, Bluetooth radio, LED daytime running lights, and rims for EUR 16,990 excluding incentives. ” 14 “

– Comfort Plus: this intermediate finish inherits the techno pack (7″ navigation system compatible with Android Auto / Apple Car Play, reverse camera, and rear radars), metallic paint, a wheel. rescue and orange pack, and is available for € 18,490 excluding bonuses.

– Business: the Dacia Spring Business is only available to professionals and costs € 16,800. It includes the comfort version’s equipment while adding some of its own.

  • Cargo: This two-seater utility variant will be available in 2022. Its characteristics haven’t been specified as of yet.

All Dacia Spring Prices

  • Dacia Spring Confort 16 990 €
  • Dacia Spring Confort Plus 18 400 €
  • Dacia Spring Business16 800 €
United Kingdom *£14,500
The Netherlands€17,890
Dacia Spring Price per country


United KingdomUnknown
The NetherlandsIn production
GermanyIn production
Dacia Spring Price per country