Elon musk unveil a new engine covered in carbon Plaid and discussed some details about the new technology, which allows for smaller, more powerful, efficient engines, and even teased an even crazier higher RPM version coming to the new Roadster.

The motors are so small even enough to be picked up by one single person while also being capable of reaching insane RPMs.

One of the things we were hoping for while showcasing the new Model S at last week’s delivery event was more information about the new powertrain advanced technology Tesla is developing under the Palladium project for the updated version of the electric sedan.

But unfortunately, Tesla’s CEO didn’t delve much into the new technology. For example, he just mentioned a brand new battery pack without going into new details.

During the presentation, Musk briefly goes on the fact that this new motor is only possible due to a new advanced machine developed by Tesla capable of building this new engine.

Recently, Musk discussed Tesla using the same three-motor powertrain found in the new Model S for the new Roadster, which could deliver more efficiency based on the smaller form factor alone, but now it looks like Tesla can improve the powertrain technology, too.

In a new series of tweets yesterday, the CEO detailed that machine:

“Fiber is wound over the rotor at a high tension load. The machine to do this was made by Tesla Automation. Carbon sleeve must put the copper rotor in compression or it loosens at low temp due to differential thermal expansion. Preload is also helpful for maintaining the precise gap to the stator”.

Musk also expanded on the advantages of the new motor over its predecessors:

“The main advantage of this is a much stronger EM field compared with a rotor that is held together by metal (usually high-strength steel). Another advantage is that rotor can go to higher RPM, as the carbon sleeve (mostly) stops the copper rotor from expanding due to radial acceleration”.

In short, The new carbon-encased rotor which allows Tesla to push its new engines even further into a higher level of performance.

Back in the same thread of tweets, Musk said Tesla’s new motor is “the most advanced engine in the world,” but mocked that the automaker was working on something more big for the new upcoming Roadster:

“The Plaid carbon-wrapped motor is arguably the most advanced motor on Earth outside of maybe a lab somewhere. We have to keep some secrets! We have a few ideas for increasing torque & max rpm even further for the new Roadster. Definitely fun & exciting engineering ahead!”

The CEO previously claimed that the new Tesla Roadster’s engineering will be finished this year to begin production by 2022.

Tesla should have new engineering prototypes of the new electric supercar this summer.