Electric vehicles are being tested by Fedex in India!

  • FedEx has begun testing electric vehicles for transporting goods within cities.
  • Bangalore is where the test will conclude.
  • By 2040, FedEx Express aims to be carbon neutral.

FedEx Corporation has begun testing electric vehicles (EVs) in India as part of its global objective of becoming carbon-neutral by 2040.

When it comes to transporting goods between cities, E-commerce is among the most important markets for the deployment of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are already being used by a number of online sellers for package distribution, and FedEx Corporation has now joined them. As part of its worldwide objective to achieve carbon-neutral operations by 2040, the express delivery company today announced the start of EV testing in India. The electric vehicle testing is due to be completed within a month in Bengaluru.

FedEx has a mission to connect the world responsibly and resourcefully, and I’m incredibly pleased to announce the launch of our electric vehicle trial in India, which is in line with our global goal to achieve carbon-neutral operations by 2040. With the growth of e-commerce in India, we’re constantly looking for ways to support this momentum while reducing environmental impact. The commencement of EV trials brings us one step closer to this vision.

said Mohamad Sayegh, Vice President of India Operations at FedEx Corporation

FedEx Express will put the vehicle’s technology to the test, evaluating its operational effectiveness on a regular route with a full load of packages. FedEx Express will move the test to Delhi following favorable testing results. The firm plans to replace all of its parcel pickup and delivery (PUD) vehicles with zero-emission electric vehicles by 2040. This target of vehicle electrification is being addressed through a series of phased processes to replace the existing vehicles. By 2025, the goal is for electric vehicles to account for half of FedEx’s global PUD vehicle purchases, and that percentage rise to 100% by 2030.

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