Since the new Peugeot 308 may have a 100% electric motor, its technical relatives at PSA should be able to do the same. On this basis, we would like to learn more about the arrival of a possible future electric car DS 4 electric motor.

Although the auto industry is particularly sluggish, late lane changes are not prohibited. This is confirmed by the new Peugeot 308 and the future electric car DS 4. At the beginning of their development, a few years ago, there was no doubt that they were 100% electric motors. However, in the face of increasingly aggressive European organizations with the “green” car, PSA, like many others, is forced to resist.

Therefore, the natural distinction between fully electric small cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles, while waiting for a special eVMP platform with a promised greater range, is no longer consistent.

Adapted electric battery

In concrete terms, this means that the CMP platform of the e-208, the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense, or the ë-C4 is no longer the only one that can do everything electrically. We told you a few days ago that the EMP2 V3 architecture has also been adapted to accommodate a large battery and avoid fossil fuels.

The e-308 is clearly in the works, even if it won’t hit the market until 2023. This also leaves time for the electrical tuning of the future electric car DS 4! You could say it logically as the premium PSA compression is also based on the EMP2 V3 platform. We forget, however, that the future Citroën C5, its third technical cousin, will not surpass the plug-in hybrid. Despite the architectural similarities, there is no automated mechanism, and each brand reserves the right to use or not use electricity in full.

A series for a possible electric DS 4

In the case of the DS 4, a spokesman for the elegant PSA brand assured us that all electricity is already technically feasible and that “the brand will remain vigilant to market developments at this point in time”. The same source says: “On the other hand, there are no plans to introduce an electric version with the introduction of the DS 4.

It seems that the E-Tense plug-in hybrid offering is best suited to meet the expectations of our customers’ versatility in this segment. “Between the leads, the DS is ready to scratch the variable membrane of the electrode for” 4 “which will arrive later than the e-308.

On the other hand, if there is an electric DS 4, it is better not to wait long, as the new generation of electric motors expected in an eVMP architecture is not ready. The only solution was to restore the complex with a capacity of 50 kWh and a 136 horsepower engine, which were found in the other models in the group. However, regardless of the model, this kit is never aimed at the power management aspect.

The offers are honest and the independence a bit disappointing compared to the competition. If identified late, the e-308 and DS 4 electric receivers, when they saw the light of day, likely wouldn’t start against the yet-to-be-born electric Megane, but they are already more promising.