Honda has announced plans for EVs in North America!

Recently in the United States, Honda has published some additional details about its electric car goals, and only one title springs to my mind: Poor.

When it concerns battery EVs, it is indeed apparent that Honda is years behind the competitors.

In Europe, the Japanese carmaker now sells only its Honda E, a short-range ev.

According to the carmaker, the Honda Prologue SUV, which will be built on GM’s Ultium electric system, will be released in 2024 in the United States.

Honda recently stated that by 2024, it plans to produce 70.000 Prologue electric SUVs:

Honda today announced an initial annual sales target of 70,000 units for the Prologue SUV, Honda’s first new volume battery-electric vehicle (BEV), when it goes on sale in 2024. Following the launch of Prologue, Honda’s brand electrified vehicle sales will be boosted by the introduction of additional vehicles based on its new e-Architecture now being developed. This will take Honda to anticipated sales of 500,000 BEVs by 2030, and ultimately leading to 100 percent zero-emission vehicles sales in North America by 2040.

Honda Motor Co. has said that it aims to sell ‘100% electric vehicles‘ by 2040, but as you can see, the carmaker is still relying on hydrogen fuel cells to reach that target, and its intentions for battery EVs are still unknown.

Kirk Kreifels – Official Honda’s New Electric Vehicle is the Prologue!