The green vehicle Honda Sports EV Concept study could reach mass production, A new report from Japan is claiming that a road-going version being prepared for a launch as early as 2022.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda reveals the Urban EV Concept, a pleasant neo-retro prototype of an electrical city vehicle from which the present Honda has drawn tons of inspiration. after a couple of weeks, the manufacturer presented another concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show. A coupe, also neo-retro, always electric and even as amazing, very similar in spirit but more sporty: the Sports EV Concept. Until then an easy study could also cause a production model, consistent with the Japanese media Car Sensor.

Honda Sports EV Concept -6
Honda Sports EV Concept


The indirect replacement for the S660!!

It would replace the S660, a pocket roadster released in 2015 and limited to 30,000 copies. All have already been ordered, but production won’t stop until March 2022. it might therefore be around that point that the assembly version inspired by the concept would be unveiled and/or marketed Honda Sports EV. The timing remains to be confirmed but, still consistent with Car Sensor, prototypes have already been seen in Tokyo.

Honda Sports EV like S660

This model, just like the S660, would only offer two seats. it might allow Honda to form profitable the platform created especially for the electrical city car and whose development was expensive. it might therefore even be propulsion. It should, altogether likelihood, take an equivalent engine delivering 136 or 153 hp (depending on the finish chosen) because the small e. The engine which, Top Gear announced last year, could even be boosted within the near future. Obviously, the assembly model wouldn’t look exactly just like the concept. even as the Honda e has gained two additional openings, certain elements should evolve: the wheels, the door handles, but not necessarily the futuristic mirrors. After all, the town car has innovated on now with cameras rather than traditional retro. Well, let’s face it, ensure that such a model – if it were to truly see the sunshine of day – would land on the Old Continent thereafter. we will always cross our fingers.