This is information that would have almost gone unnoticed but the small 39 kWh battery is finally available on the restyled Hyundai Kona electric. Prices, therefore, take the opportunity to drop.

Yet available on the old model, the restyled Hyundai Kona electric was previously no longer available with the small 39 kWh battery. She is back today. Admittedly, with it, the Kona cannot run as long on a load as the 64 kWh model, but – just like the latter – the advertised autonomy is increased on the restyled model (305 km in WLTP cycle, against 289 km previously). And of course, the prices are lower.

Hyundai Kona EV ”Entrance ticket reduced by € 4,800”

And not just a little since from € 39,900, we go to € 35,100 with the same level of finish. With the CO2 bonus of € 7,000 (€ 6,000 from July 1), this first price Kona will only cost you “€ 28,100”. In addition, not necessarily necessary to upgrade to the next Creative level of finishing since the equipment is already more than sufficient. Judge for yourself: auto air conditioning, reversing camera, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto compatibility, digital instrumentation, 8 “touch screen as well as hands-free access and start. In short, not much is missing. The endowment goes up a notch by opting for the Creative (wireless charger, heated front seats) and Executive (leather, electric front seats, adaptive cruise control) liveries. Prices also: respectively € 39,300 and € 41,800 But it’s still a lot less than the Kona 64 kWh, € 4,800 less to be precise.