Oil changes, air conditioning, brakes, tires, and inspections are just a few of the services offered by Jiffy Lube.

Oil Change

Motor oil lubricates the moving mechanical elements within your engine and also cleans, cools, and protects it. When it comes to oil changes, follow your car manufacturer’s recommendations, which are based on your specific driving patterns and conditions.


Jiffy Lube has the battery services you need to keep your starting charge system working smoothly, whether you need a battery checked, a new battery or the terminals cleaned.


Jiffy Lube has the services you need, from brake pads to brake fluid, to maintain your stopping power responsively and reliable – and get you back on the road quickly.


Jiffy Lube tire services will get you back on the road quickly, whether you need your tires rotated, balanced, repaired, or replaced.

The whole automotive infrastructure in the United States is speeding up its preparations for the EV future. For Jiffy Lube International, this includes preparing its service centers to handle electric vehicles in the same way they’ve prepared for America’s internal-combustion fleet’s aftermarket demands.

As a result, the firm is launching a trial program in seven cities with high levels of electric car ownership, offering a comprehensive package for electric vehicles called Electric Vehicle Signature Service.

“We need to be ready regardless of when drivers go to EVs,” Edward Hymes, president of Jiffy Lube, told me. “We’d like to be among the first.”

Most of the bells and whistles from Jiffy Lube’s premium service for internal combustion cars, such as a multi-point safety inspection, tire rotation, and so on, are included in the new EV service, as well as special attention to the EVs’ strong battery systems. Jiffy Lube, which has more than 2,000 franchised sites across the United States, has lately begun to expand its service offerings to include tire and brake maintenance, in addition to its typical focus on oil changes and other under-the-hood operations.

“Consumers have grown to desire more of a one-stop-shop for all of their auto-maintenance requirements, and we’ve developed to meet that demand,” Hymes said. “Vehicles are more sophisticated and survive longer; our car park is currently approximately 12 years old on average. Consumers now place a greater emphasis on car maintenance. The next generation, in particular, sees a car as more of a utility that allows them to accomplish what they want. They see it as an investment, and they want to protect it for as long as possible.”

Santa Barbara, Palo Alto, and Los Angeles, California; two locations in Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; and Miami are among the EV service’s test markets. “For the time being, we’re concentrating on markets with a greater quantity of electric vehicles,” Hymes added.

Jiffy Lube, a Shell Oil subsidiary located in Houston, is also experimenting with installing electric vehicle charging stations at its locations. “We’re figuring out what the optimal evolution is for that,” Hymes explained. “At first, we thought of doing something similar to a top-off service, where we charge the car while it’s in the bay for servicing. That is something we should consider. Chargers need additional infrastructure and expenditure, and there are several types of chargers available, including portable chargers. We’ll look at other approaches to it as part of this pilot as well.”

Consumers will ultimately approve — or not — Jiffy Lube’s strategy and influence company decisions, according to Hymes. He described the EV driver and owner as a “challenge.” “We need to make sure we can persuade them of the importance of value and transparency in selecting where to maintain their cars. Our brand has a lot of value. It’s critical that Jiffy Lube be recognized as a realistic and reputable EV servicing option.”