It’s official, Lamborghini supercar will be launched on Tuesday before the end of the decade. The manufacturers will focus on making fully electric cars from 2024.

the first Italian supercar maker company will have resisted for as long as possible by remaining faithful to the all-thermal combustion engine until today with the exception of the Sian, a hybrid limited series whose supercapacitors replacing the classic battery prove to what extent the manufacturer did not want to follow. the trend. But environmental regulations are changing rapidly and are now forcing CEO Stephan Winkelmann, with Euro7 standards in view, to make a rapid change of course towards electrification.

Presenting a change program, Lamborghini, owned by German firm Volkswagen, laid out “a roadmap to the decarbonization of future Lamborghini versions and of the Sant’Agata Bolognese site,” its factory headquarters in Italy.