A military electric vehicle model was shown on an off-road track.

While the Lordstown Endurance vehicle nears the end of its manufacturing run, the firm is also working on other products that might bring significant extra sources of income.

The Military Electric Vehicle (MEV) is one such prototype, which was showcased at Lordstown Week in June.

It’s a six-seat military electric vehicle model that was shown on an off-road track. powered by the same electric technology as the truck. It is equipped with four in-wheel hub engines for all-wheel drive with torque vectoring between the wheels.

Media reporters were given the opportunity to drive in the Lordstown Motors MEV on an off-road circuit, which included leaping and driving through water.

It’s impossible to assess capabilities purely based on the videos, but it performs admirably and maybe a decent starting point for a non-armored patrol EV or other uses. We think that the shielding would make it significantly heavier, making it difficult to use in a BEV application (maybe a range-extender would be then considered).

In the case of military vehicles, dependability is critical, and Lordstown Motors suggests that its objective is to reach “extraordinary durability” with its hub motors.

Four motors in the Endurance are designed for a max system output of 600 horsepower (440+ kW). The 109 kWh battery is projected to provide a range of more than 250 miles (402 km). The configuration of an MEV may differ from that of a commercial truck. The manufacturer has even stated that it would like to create more variants of the motors.

The pickup military electric vehicle model was shown on an off-road track. of Endurance is presently slated for the second quarter of 2022. (commercial deliveries). Only time will tell if we see any derivative versions in 2022 or 2023.

The initial goal was to launch many commercialized versions that would share EV technology.