Mercedes will unveil its first new-generation compact electric car, the EQA, next week. A car of great importance since it could finally represent interesting volumes.

Today, the electric car at Mercedes comes down to the EQC and the EQV. Suffice to say that the German brand will not reach hundreds of thousands of sales with these two cars. For that, it will be necessary to strike harder, and wider. The EQS is coming, but again, Mercedes will remain on relatively confidential volumes, even if profitability will obviously be there.

The EQA, therefore, represents the German brand’s offensive in the field of compact electric cars. A car that will subsequently be available on other bodies, but it is this car that will open the ball, from next week.
The manufacturer presents a first image of the interior of the EQA. Contrary to what the name might suggest, the EQA is not an electric interpretation of the A-Class, but rather the GLA.

Mercedes has decided to use the nomenclatures of thermal engines. The brand announces an EQA 250 with 190 hp. Another 271 hp version is planned for later, with the presence of a four-wheel drive.