The MG ZS EV is a family-friendly electric SUV that offers all the benefits of a zero-emission car without sacrificing practicality or style. The ZS EV combines intelligent electric design with great technology, drawing on our significant experience in the production of electric SUVs and batteries.

On the WLTP combined test, a 44.5kWh water-cooled lithium-ion battery may provide a driving range of up to 163 miles on a single charge*.

Based on a single WLTP combined – cycle power charge: 163 miles (263 km) combined range; 231 miles (372 km) city range; 3.3 miles/kWh (18.6 kWh/100km) combined driving efficiency.

The all-new MG ZS EV is a comfortable, clever, 100 percent electric, family-friendly SUV from MG Motor, which has revised its best-selling vehicle. The all-new MG ZS EV is ideal for city driving and weekend trips, with a fresh design and extended range without sacrificing practicality or flair. The all-new MG ZS EV is ready for your next urban trip, with two battery options.

E-Motor, Transmission, and Performance

The MG ZS EV is a sporty urban SUV thanks to its highly efficient electric powertrain and specific tuning of the driving modes.

A low-pressure casting technique is used in the motor, which reduces weight, noise, and vibration. The motor has roughly 1% greater efficiency and 10-15% more torque and power than normal electric motors because of the hairpin winding.

Considering this is not the same as a petrol/diesel vehicle powered by an IC engine, there is no turbo to spool, and there is 353Nm of immediate torque available, as this is not an IC engine powered petrol/diesel vehicle. This electric car is powered by an electric motor that produces 143 bhp. We trust MG’s boast of a 0-100kmph time of just 8.5 seconds since it feels quick enough to run that fast.

A 44.5kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery powers this motor, which has a stated range of 340 kilometers. As a result, unlike previous electric cars, owners will not have considerable range anxiety. The battery pack has a complex management system and an IP-67 rating, meaning it can withstand water for up to one meter. Then there are three degrees of regenerative braking, in which a kinetic energy reversal system stores the surplus power created for later use.

Range, Charge & battery

The all-new MG ZS EV has a big modular cell pack solution, which boosts both volume and weight energy density while also extending range.

Faster charging is possible with a larger battery. If you use recommended home chargers, you may awaken the full battery every day using 3-phase 11kW AC charging. You can achieve an 80 percent charge rate in 40 minutes with up to 92zkW rapid charging power you might use public supercharging stations if there is any in your country.

The MG ZS EV has been revised for 2022, with a new 72kWh Long Range battery that extends the car’s range to 273 miles. That’s a significant increase above the 163-mile amount in the previous edition.

However, the electric technology that it is outfitted with sets it apart from a typical automobile. The MG emblem on the front grille illuminates up whenever the MG electric car is charged, indicating that the SUV is charging. When the light ceases, the charging process is over. Interestingly, owing to a 50kW DC fast charger provided at dealerships. A 7.4kW AC home charger, on the other hand, will take 6-8 hours to fully charge and will be installed at the owners’ homes or businesses.

MG India will also provide a complimentary onboard portable cable that can be hooked into a power outlet with the MG ZS EV.

Exterior & Interior Design

With the exception of the ‘Electric’ badges, the outside look of this pure EV is comparable to the ordinary MG ZS crossover sold internationally. The car’s fascia is distinctively MG, with a diamond-studded grille design and chrome surround similar to that found on certain Mercedes. The car’s charging point is likewise housed in this grille, which can be accessed by raising the LED logo. It also has a front bumper with a broad central air dam and is flanked by sharp LED headlights. Apart from the silver roof rails, big windows, and ORVMs with turn indicators in the side profile, the windmill-inspired alloy wheels catch the eye. Then there are big LED taillights all the way around the rear. In addition, its towering posture, cleanly carved lines, and overall proportions and design clearly distinguish it as a real five-seater SUV that should appeal to an Indian customer.

The MG ZS EV’s design has also been updated, with the most visible alteration being the replacement of the original grille with a faux stamped-effect one. It has a new charging port with a four-stage illumination system so you can verify charging status at a glance, and it is allegedly better for aero.

Other notable changes include LED headlights, daytime running lights, a new rear bumper, and new wheels.

MG ZS EV Colours

MG ZS EV is available in 3 different colors – Currant Red, Ferris White, and Copenhagen Blue.

How is it on the inside?

It’s simple to get in and out of the cabin, and you’ll notice the high quality of the materials utilized inside right away. The black imitation leather, which seems quality, the soft-touch materials everywhere, and even the curved seats, which are comfy and well-padded. Despite the fact that the driver’s seat is six-way electrically adjustable, telescopic steering would have been a welcome addition to achieve the ideal driving position. Otherwise, the layout is solid, with most controls within easy reach of the driver. The second row also lacks a center armrest and air-conditioning vents. Even though it can comfortably accommodate three persons, this seat may benefit from improved under-thigh support. It’s nevertheless a functional cabin, with plenty of storage and cargo space, as well as cupholders. There’s also a large 448 liters boot space capacity that can accommodate the luggage of all shapes and sizes.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Inside, there’s a redesigned instrument cluster and a 10.1-inch infotainment colour touchscreen with fresh visuals and, as per MG, enhanced functionality. Wireless smartphone charging is available on the top-spec Trophy trim, but not on the entry-level SE models.

MG also boasts that its iSMART connection is “state-of-the-art,” which would be great if capabilities like climate control, security, and charging hadn’t previously come on dozens of other models years ago. Still, it has them, which is a good thing.

Although the screen isn’t as large as the one in the Hector, the infotainment function in the MG ZS EV has been improved. It’s known as the iSmart EV 2.0, and it replaces Hector’s iSmart system with a new graphic interface and upgraded technology. The iSmart EV 2.0 also has music from the Gaana app, weather from Accuweather, and real-time navigation from TomTom with a charging station locator. It has an internal SIM card for internet access and even connecting to an external home Wi-Fi network or mobile hotspot, and it works well with voice commands.

Sure it lacks several features like fog lights, ambient lighting, wireless and fast charging, automated climate control, cruise control, auto headlamps and wipers, DRLs, keyless entry, and other amenities compensate for the lack of some features. The panoramic sunroof was also one of Hector’s selling points, and it was well-received by the customers. As a result, MG included a large roof in the ZS EV to increase the sense of spaciousness and improve the cabin’s atmosphere. A built-in PM 2.5 air filter is another feature of the MG ZS EVV’s interior. A CO2 saver option is available, which shows how much carbon dioxide the owners are saving in real-time.

Driving & Safety

Whether you’ve driven an EV before or not, the MG ZS EV will astound you with how quickly it gets up to speed. It’s so quiet that after you press the start button, you’ll have to rely on the instrument cluster to tell you it’s on. Place the rotary knob on the central console in the ‘D’ position, release the brake, and hit the accelerator to be pushed back into the seat instantaneously. It simply bolts away. There is no turbo to spool, and there is 353Nm of immediate torque available, as this is not an IC engine powered petrol/diesel vehicle. This electric vehicle is powered by an electric motor that produces 143 horsepower.

But, more crucially, there are three different drive modes (Eco, Normal, and Sport) that may be recognized by the throttle response. The Eco mode isn’t very quiet, but it is certainly less forceful than the Normal setting in order to save charge and increase range. Normal is sufficient for striking a balance between cost and performance, while Sport brings out the beast in the MG ZS EV. Overtaking and filling gaps in traffic is simple, and flying ahead of other automobiles makes them seem like a joke. Even traveling at triple-digit speeds is pleasant.

Even in terms of ride and handling, it’s remarkable. The steering wheel is mild and only has 2.5 revolutions lock-to-lock, so the driver doesn’t have to wiggle the SUV about town or when parking. It gives appropriate input and balances speeds, but it has an unnatural feel to it. However, this isn’t a deal-breaker because the car is suitable for both city and highway driving, with great straight-line stability.

We couldn’t tell how good it would handle around curves or switchbacks because Delhi’s roads are generally straight. But it seems secure enough to not make us uneasy, which we’ll find out soon enough in our comprehensive road test. Still, MG deserves kudos for fine-tuning the suspension to the perfect blend of softness and stiffness. The setup is well-suited to our road conditions since it rides level at high speeds on well-paved roads with little pitching or yawing on undulations. At low speeds and even on damaged roads, the situation remains the same. It separates even sharp-edged potholes or road junctions from the cabin without causing a shock.

Safety Features

MG puts safety first in all it does, whether it’s the body construction or the battery pack, as well as the MG Pilot camera assistance and other safety features such as parking cameras and distance ultrasonic radars.

The safety package includes a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, six airbags, ABS, EBD, hill-hold, hill descent control, TPMS, all seat-belt reminders, and even a three-point seatbelt in the second row. When it comes to the equipment, it has a decent amount of cutting-edge features.

mg zs ev cameras

The entire battery pack has been thoroughly tested for safety. The pack will reduce the high voltage within milliseconds after various strikes from any angle, assuring the battery’s safety and eliminating the risk of fire.

A safe and enjoyable driving experience is provided by the MG Pilot with L2 partly autonomous driving capabilities.

Both the driver and the passengers are well protected in the event of a collision, thanks to a solid body structure and six airbags.

To ensure the safety of everyone inside and outside the vehicle, many sensors and cameras reach beyond the visible range.

MG ZS EV Price

The MG ZS EV pricing starts from 35998 USD (after Plug-in Car Grant)

MG ZS EV Excite: 35998$

MG ZS EV Exclusive: 39447$

The MG ZS EV Essence MY21 has a driveway price of $44,990 without extras. The total driveaway price for the MG ZS EV Essence MY21 is $44,990, including a $0 Clipper Blue paint fee. Offers are valid at participating MG Dealers only on new stock vehicles sold and delivered between October 1, 2021, and October 31, 2021. While supplies last. Deals are not valid with any other offers or for fleet, government, or rental buyers.

Should I buy one?

If I can buy one, isn’t that the main question here? And the answer is a resounding No. Firstly, since the vehicle has not yet been released. And, given that MG has gotten a positive reaction to its bookings, it’s possible that even after its January debut, one may have to wait a long time to buy it. However, production has already begun, and the MG ZS will be available in only five cities at first: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. So, once it’s on the market, its appearance, SUV functionality, lightning performance, long-range, and outstanding ride quality will satisfy practically all of a car buyer’s major requirements.


It also comes with a seven-year warranty, which puts everybody else, save Kia, to disgrace. Prices will be announced in the coming weeks, but we predict the MG ZS EV to continue to be the Dacia Duster of the electric SUV sector.