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Mini reavled an electric safety car, which could be an electric and sporty version of your city car, should serve as a safety car in competition.

Just a few days ago, the German group BMW announced that its British brand Mini will be 100% electric in early 2030. And now the English manufacturer is recovering with the announcement of a mystery car with two images. The words “greater electrical excitation” indicate that in fact, it is an electrical model.

At the rear of the car, we can see the taillights of the current Minicity and its Jack Union as a slight signature. There is also a fog light in the center of the rear bumper, but if not mostly, a beam of light on the roof, plus additional lights on the hood and tailgate. So the next car could be … a safety car.

Mini JCW GP Circuit Skimming Device?

In addition to the lighter elements, the safety car track and therefore the sports car is most likely, as Mini recently announced that it would develop high-performance John Cooper Works models without a heat engine and the JCW GP electric prototype. MINI as synchronous. evidence. So it’s this version of the city car that can look cool as a safety car before the production car arrives.

It remains to be seen in which competition the Mini will present its new creations. The BMW Group already presents a safety car for Formula E. In this case, the i8 has changed to a speed car (but also for the 2021 MotoGP season). Choosing this specialty makes sense. Or the Mini could choose an unexpected class or simply show the car at a custom event as a pure exercise in style. Continuation!