The Mobilize Limo Renault’s electric car will not be available for purchase. Consider a taxi or chauffeur-driven passenger car that includes both a vehicle and a service package. Limo is ushering in a new age of ride-hailing transportation by being fully electric, comfy, and well-equipped to face the difficulties of modern cities.

The first model from Renault’s new mobility brand has just been unveiled. The Limo is a VTC and taxi driver-friendly electric car.

Only three compact urban quadricycles have been released since the Mobilize brand was founded. Its offer also includes a Dacia Spring rental, but a sedan was expected as well.

Mobilize Limo Renault’s electric car has flexible end-to-end management solutions for mobility, energy, and data. What are the objectives? To meet the needs of consumers, businesses, cities, and regions, to make everyone’s life easier and speed up the energy transition.

It’s finally here, and it’s the first electric vehicle to bear the Mobilize brand. This is the Limo, which is 4.67 meters in length and is designed for taxis and VTCs.

The Mobilize Limo is a vehicle that comes from the Renault Group and Jiangling Motors Group’s joint venture factory. Le Losange sought to meet the ever-increasing demand for VTCs in urban cars. According to the company, Île-de-France is home to 70% of these drivers operating in France.

A suitable electric car for deceleration-intensive regeneration drivers and taxis.

The Mobilize Limo accepts the most popular connections for charging. It can regain up to 250 kilometers of autonomy in 40 minutes using a fast terminal.

Fluid lines and excellent optics distinguish its design. Black, gray, and red are used to decorate the catalog. On 17-inch rims, the machine is mounted.

Renault will rent to drivers as well as other passenger transportation firms. Mobilize’s portfolio contains a variety of services that are adaptable to each client’s activity.

RCI Bank and Services will be in charge of contract management. They will be as flexible as an LOA in terms of distance and length. A pay-as-you-go option will be available for infrequent drivers.

Finally, Mobilize Limo electric car will work with partner start-ups to assist beneficiaries with fleet management. As a result, they will be able to reduce their operational expenses and profit from a set of solutions that will help them run their business more efficiently.