This charging station, named “iSmart,” is the outcome of a research study developed by the Green Energy Park platform under the Research Organization for Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) and the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), in collaboration with the Moroccan company EDEEP, to address the obstacles of electric mobility.
The iSmart production line, which is a true culmination of scientific research, will construct around twenty direct jobs at Benguerir in the first year, along with more than a hundred indirect jobs through the ecosystem that has been created with different national manufacturers in the electronics, mechanics, and delivery sectors.

The iSmart line will facilitate the manufacture of pre-orders with a monthly capacity of 300 terminals. By the end of 2022, it hopes to have completed an annual output of 5,000 terminals thanks to the expansion.
This unique solution, tailored to the demands of the national and African markets, will provide a wide range of services to electric car owners and will be available for purchase at a starting price of 9,500 MAD=1064USD. This initiative will benefit both enterprises and individuals by assisting in the decarbonization of the transportation sector and industrial integration.

This important initiative for the Kingdom is part of the Green Energy Park’s continuous efforts to promote research findings and green entrepreneurship in Morocco.
It is an essential component of Morocco’s sustainable mobility infrastructure, which is being developed under His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s leadership. The “iSmart” manufacturing line, which was constructed in Benguerir with the supervision of the Ministry of Energy, Mines and the Ecology and the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy, permits assembly of numerous components made by Moroccan partner businesses.

This production line, which is made up of several industrial terminals and is outfitted with cutting-edge technology, will allow for the manufacturing of the “iSmart” terminal as well as prototyping, pre-industrialisation, and industrialization of new technical items.

Mr. Badr Ikken, the Director-General of IRESEN, said during the inauguration of this manufacturing line that this charging station is the outcome of a beneficial relationship for the development of research projects that have enabled the transition from research and innovation to industrialization.

“This innovative technology ecosystem is the result of many years of dedication from several collaborators, including IRESEN and UM6P, to meet the issue of climate change by decarbonizing our economy, motivating manufacturing integration, and strengthening our capacities,” he added, adding that “this successful experience comforts us in our tasks and orientations and will make it possible to transform our economy.”

Hisham El Habti, the ceo of UM6P, stated that the completion of this production line for the 100% Moroccan electric car charging station is the conclusion of nearly five years of labor.

“This is the description of UM6P and IRESEN’s philosophy, which is to promote research projects, the marketing of research-based products, and the sponsorship of Moroccan researchers’ patents and inventions,” he explained, adding that this production line is also the consequence of joint effort by a team encouraged by the development of an industrial ecosystem in Morocco.
“We are proud of this accomplishment, which is the first in a succession of comparable accomplishments that will be announced in the following months,” he said.

To satisfy all demands, regardless of geography, iSmart electric car charging stations are intended to be versatile and expandable.

This charging station is the first of a line of 5 chargers from various ranges (on hold, wall, incorporated into the street lamp, 50 kW fast terminal, etc). (on stand, wall, integrated into the street light, 50 kW fast terminal, etc.).

The iSmart terminal also allows users, particularly municipalities and municipalities, to collect environmental data such as CO2 levels of atmospheric, as well as diagnose and charge data for electric cars and advertising displays, and provides numerous benefits to users. complexes of residences.