Minicars have become popular in Japan for a variety of reasons. They are more inexpensive, and they provide an effective answer to Japan’s limited metropolitan space as well as the lack of public transportation in rural regions.

Nissan has now joined up with Mitsubishi to create a small EV designed specifically for the Japanese car market in 2022.
The so-called “minivehicle” is less than 3.4 meters long, 1.4 meters wide, and 1.6 meters high, making it ideal for Japan’s congested urban traffic.

It’s a four-seater, but given its size, we can’t anticipate much inside the room.

According to a news release sent by Nissan,

The minivehicles sought to reinvent Japan’s popular automobile category, with quick acceleration, smooth driving, and interior silence, all of which are essential qualities of electric cars (EVs).
It is reported to have a 20kWh battery capacity, which appears to be rather modest when compared to the actual EV norms of 60-100kWh.

However, while this battery is insufficient for a long road trip, it provides the car with a reasonable range for short daily journeys, which matches Nissan’s goal.

In addition, the car may deliver electricity to a residence via its batteries and function as a mobile power supply in an emergency.

It will also have a number of sophisticated technological amenities, such as autonomous valet parking, remote door lock/unlock, and a virtual personal assistant.

The pricing of the minivehicle is likely to begin at 2 million yen ($18,201), without subsidies.

If you want to see what the tiny EV will look like, watch the footage below, which shows the vehicle when it was still a concept in 2019.