The Italian design company Pininfarina unveiled a long, low concept that foreshadows a world of self-driving cars and electric motors.

  • The Pininfarina Teorema idea, designed by Pininfarina, is a low-slung aerodynamic missile that rides on an electric skateboarding chassis and has autonomous driving capabilities.
  • The Pininfarina Teorema model is a few inches larger than a Chevrolet Tahoe, but it has a 20-inch lower canopy than the Chevy SUV.
  • The Pininfarina Teorema can accommodate five travelers, with the driver seated in a central position similar to that of the McLaren F1.

Pininfarina has been particularly active recently. The famous Italian design firm has presented this Teorema idea, following the recent revelation that Pininfarina would build a 1000-hp electric truck for Detroit startup Hercules. The Teorema idea, which sits on an electric skateboard chassis with the battery stowed away under the floor, was designed for an autonomous future and prioritizes internal space.
Pininfarina’s experts in Cambiano, Italy, and Shanghai, China collaborated on the Teorema, which was designed utilizing VR technology.

The Pininfarina Teorema is 212.6 inches long, somewhat bigger than a Chevrolet Tahoe, but only 55.1 inches tall, nearly 20 inches shorter than the Chevy SUV. The Teorema features a large interior with its streamlined exterior, thanks to the electric platform, which allowed Pininfarina to expand the car’s dimensions to create a lounge-like area. Passengers enter the Teorema by “just strolling inside there” as the roof raises upward and forward, according to Pininfarina, however, the firm provided no photos or video of this function.

The passengers are seated in a pentagon-shaped area on the inside. The driver, who has the option of exiting autonomous modes and actively driving, sits alone upfront in a centralized sitting position but may spin the seat around and delegate driving responsibilities to the Pininfarina Teorema. Because the Teorema lacks side doors, passengers may transform the four seats into benches and sit with the car’s side serving as a backrest.

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