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Porsche would consider making the next 718 Boxster concept exclusively electric models and would work on a concept of “zero-emission” Boxster.

According to American journalists from Car And Driver, Porsche was currently working on an electric 718 Boxster concept. The next generation of 718s could run exclusively on battery power. This possibility has been considered for a long time.

Already in 2011, Porsche presented the Boxster E prototypes, three experimental vehicles serving the manufacturer in the development of 100% electric engines. And for more than three years now, officials at the German firm have been talking about prototypes of 718s electrified to varying degrees, which would be tested to assess the viability of a next-generation Boxster and Cayman devoid of a combustion engine. So far, their statements have suggested that the weight of the batteries is too much of a strain on these little sports cars. Porsche would continue to move down this path despite this, perhaps driven by regulatory pressure.

718 Boxster concept back
718 Boxster Concept Back

718 Boxster Concept Unknown Platform

Also according to the publication from across the Atlantic, the supposed 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman electric would be based on a new platform. They would therefore not use the PPE architecture co-developed by Porsche and Audi on which the next Macan and the future A6 e-Tron will be based in particular. Aesthetically, one might expect a few elements reminiscent of the Taycan, such as the shape of the headlights or a light strip at the rear.

As with the Macan, the current 718s with thermal engines could remain in the catalog alongside their electric replacements until the electrification of the market reaches enough countries and customers. A concept car could help Porsche gauge demand to finalize its decision whether or not to launch “zero-emission” 718s.