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According to the latest versions, Porsche offers the Taycan an entry point to reach a wider audience. It has a little peculiarity compared to its older brothers, it works without a front engine and thus becomes a pulling force. Enough to change your behavior, but not at your high level of performance.

The Taycan is interesting and you only have to look at the results of its first year on the market to be convinced: Porsche has sold 20,015 worldwide, which means that the goal that the brand set before becoming Covid is a crisis. health is what we know.

In France, the electric vehicle largely outperformed the brand’s other sedan, the Panamera, and sold twice as fast (527 units versus just 259 units). With us, the 4S variant has so far gained 60% of the sales mix despite the very high average purchase price of € 158,000.

Good news for the Porsche Taycan “Basic”, which starts at 86,254 euros, more than 23,000 euros cheaper than the 4S. A hole from hell!
Less powerful, no less fun

The range of standard equipment will inevitably be a bit smaller, as there are no headlights for the office and no adaptive air suspension. However, the biggest change affects the height of the front axle, which has been freed from its electric drive.

If it’s a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, the Taycan loses power too: with the standard 79.2 kWh battery, we have 326 PS (408 PS) and 345 Nm. With the 93.4 kWh Performance Plus battery in our test model, on the other hand, it increases to 380 PS (476 PS with over-boost) and 357 Nm of torque.

If the numbers look less impressive on paper compared to the rest of the range, then there really is a lot to do on the road where excesses and tickets are always noticeable with a quick glance. In addition, the speed from 0 to 100 km / h does not need more than 5.4 seconds …

Porsche announces 484 km of WLTP autonomy with the large battery, which actually corresponds to 350 km, activating regeneration using the corresponding button. wheel leadership applies.

Driving signifies a potential for a slip that we haven’t ignored in the Porsche-invented drift workshop on the Bosch test track. And if the German is capable of nice drifts, something hygienic and easy to use, then, on the other hand, it is necessary to understand how they work so as not to be surprised by their great mass (2130 kg empty): fire them, you must remain directed, fully accelerated and sharp.

Taycan first goes through a lean phase before the pair dance on the ass, which then rolls handsomely. You are unlikely to get behind the wheel of such a heavy vehicle, but it will be fun if you can keep drifting! Let’s be clear, it’s not the 90kg left on the front axle that makes the Taycan a ballerina, and the paddle strokes are fierce when we miss each other, but the car’s agility when the four-o’clock steering option is selected.

wheels a With a wheelbase of more than 2.90 m in length, the car is surprised. With the help activated, the Taycan is as safe as the versions with all-wheel drive. Electronic components work well together to prevent unwanted evasions.
Same recipe

After all, this “first prize” retains all the good points of its powerful brothers: it has a tough demeanor but is playful when necessary, uses the power of its electric motor (without turning it into a towing vehicle) and offers exceptional comfort. compared. to its dynamism when equipped with air suspension and provides a driving experience.

The Porsche model is at the wheel, which will probably remain its top quality. By the way, there is a white hood and a white lid: the version is not given on the outside, except for the shield under the trunk and the wheels, while the interior also corresponds to the two versions with the same equipment.

Hence, we find the same suspicious ergonomics that make the touch screen the main means of interacting with the car’s functions (lighting, air conditioning, infotainment, etc.), the same screens (up to four screens, which increases the risks, same amount).

See pause one) and the same seats, comfortable and supportive. The rear passengers are not in very bad condition, aside from the limited headroom and somewhat cumbersome access to the seats.

Details that make you think twice about asking to buy a Taycan for family use, but are quickly forgotten by the road characteristics of this UFO halfway between a sedan and a sports car.

Proof that the recipe works? Half of the customers did not own Porsches before signing for a Taycan. An electric test shot perhaps, but a masterstroke from a brand whose reputation is well established. Even at the entry level.

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Trade namePorsche Taycan (propulsion) 2021
EngineSynchronous with permanent magnets, 0 S, 0 cm3
Power380 ch
Box typeAutomatic