We are glad they said it was a target while this was an executive order by President Joe Biden, it’s more like an executive goal and that’s because it’s going to be 50 percent is what the Joe Biden administration wants. but even the Detroit automakers that were at the event promised 40% to 50%, so they’re even a little bit less optimistic than the Biden administration regarding this new EV goal.

A lot of it comes down to charging in the infrastructure bill, there is a couple of billion being set aside to help build out the charging grid. if you are an auto insider in Detroit you will know ford with the electric lightning f-150 is the best-selling vehicle in America the mustang mach-E which.

we don’t think it is a very attractive car, what are the industry insiders quietly saying? do they think they can really get it? these are very difficult goals! and when you look at the EV adoption like we just mentioned for the rate that people are buying it, it’s challenging it’s very hard to get people to change their driving habits. and that’s what they asking them to do with EVs and then we add that there’s not enough infrastructure.

in addition, the technology is very costly, the Chevrolet volt EV right there is a very small very compact car, that’s not what people are buying right now. people are buying tesla’s they’re not buying EVs just yet while many think that’s going to change.

that’s an important point you know because Elon musk was not invited by Biden to the white house meeting!! is tesla really the entire electric car market right now? it may change we got riven coming out, lucid, and Lordstown.

they’ve got their own issues, but right now is tesla pretty much the entire market pretty much. we mean they’re still at about 70-80 percent of sales.

while you have people coming into the segment. they don’t have them there just yet and, GM was supposed to kind of go up against them with the Bolt EV, you had ford that has probably been the best competitor coming out with the mustang much-E but, we mean overall tesla is dominating the electric vehicle space? people expect that to kind of come down analysts expect that to come down but, even though they weren’t at the white house, the executive order by Biden probably will benefit them quite a bit and they obviously have a gigafactory going up in texas that they’re looking to do with the pickup truck and, it’s gonna be really interesting to see how the pickup truck does! and we have the f-150 lightning coming.

it’s a very interesting time right now, it’s kind of like the wild west back in the 1920s when the island was coming around, we had hundreds of automakers they consolidated now we have a bunch of EVs coming out and we’re just not sure where the mark is going to go exactly?