Rivian’s next R1T truck might be outfitted with a functional kitchen, so watch out, Tesla Cybertruck, Ford F-150 Lightning, and GMC Hummer EV.

Auto manufacturers are cramming all kinds of helpful and surprising features into their forthcoming electric pickup trucks, such as the Hummer’s Crabwalk and the Ford F-150 Lightning’s offboard power arrangement.
Rivian’s CEO reminds us in a new Twitter video that the forthcoming R1T will include a Camp Kitchen in the vehicle’s customizable Gear Tunnel.
The package includes two cooking components, a four-gallon sink, and a 30-piece equipment set. When was the last time you purchased a new automobile that had a teakettle?

The electric truck competitions have begun, and automakers are increasingly emphasizing the unique features that their plug-in pickups provide as a means to differentiate themselves from the competitors. During the recent debut of the F-150 Lightning, Ford spent a lot of time promoting the EV’s capacity to power a construction site’s worth of tools for three days. Crabwalk is a feature on GM’s forthcoming GMC Hummer EV that allows it to travel diagonally. Tesla has boasted about its angular Cybertruck, which includes numerous pull-out tables in the back that can be used as a mobile kitchen.

Rivian founder and CEO RJ Scaringe, not to be outdone, posted a video of his company’s Camp Kitchen function, which was first revealed in 2019. A two-burner induction cooktop, a foldable sink with a spray faucet, and a four-gallon water tank are included in this compact countertop. Everything slips into and out of the R1T truck’s body through a Gear Tunnel directly below the back seats.
The Camp Kitchen is one of several optional attachments for the 11-cubic-foot Gear Tunnel with side access. The R1135.0-kWh T’s “big pack” traction battery powers the 1440-watt induction cooktop.

The Camp Kitchen isn’t cheap—it costs $5000 on top of the R1T’s $70,000 starting price—but it includes more than just the burner and sink. The cabinets in the built-in mini-kitchen have specially molded insets with a spot for every fork, knife, and spoon from the accompanying Snow Peak 30-piece kitchen set. The kit includes spatulas, tongs, a can opener, titanium cutlery, a water kettle, and much more. When you drive all of these items around town, Rivian claims the inserts are so perfectly constructed that you won’t hear a rattling.

Rivian R1T owners may find the Gear Tunnel to be a popular option to modify their bikes. The Camp Kitchen is composed of three major components, each of which fits into the R1″shuttle T’s system,” which allows the components to move into and out of the body. Rivian has stated that the shuttle system platform was “created to adapt to different of future Gear Tunnel attachments,” and based on the reactions to Scaringe’s tweet, a regular workbench, as well as two turntables and a microphone, would be popular alternatives.

Rivian will sell a different option for $2650 that includes a three-person tent that attaches onto the top of the bed for overnight outdoor adventure. Rivian’s Skyrise HD Medium Rooftop Tent features a 56-by-96-inch size, stands 48 inches tall, and is made in collaboration with Yakima. When you choose the tent package, you also get a set of Rivian Cargo Crossbars that sit across the truck bed. Everything is available on the Rivian configurator.

Rivian claims that deliveries of the R1T (and the comparable R1S electric SUV) would begin in January 2022.