Thundercars It’s official: Renault will launch an electric R5 in the next few years. In the meantime, the car is already showing itself through a replacement concept …

The crazy rumor was therefore true. Renault will indeed revive its legendary R5 within the guise of a 100% electric vehicle. The French automotive group confirmed this on January 14, 2021, during the presentation of Renaulution, its new strategic plan.

Better, the firm has even already unveiled the concept that foreshadows this future R5 zero-emission. And excellent news, this prototype, called Renault 5 E-Tech and designed by Gilles Vidal, smacks of nostalgia.

R5 with a Neo-Retro Look

As on dad’s city car, we indeed find this collected and compact look. these vertical lights (which include aerodynamic flaps) or maybe this famous sloping tailgate.

A nod to the sportier versions, the Renault 5 Turbo, in particular, the newcomer also sports wide hips and an air intake on the hood which will house the charging socket. The whole thing gives the car a deliciously neo-retro look.

At the top of the hood, we’ll also appreciate the striated diamond -and illuminated-, just like that drawn within the early 1970s by the painter Victor Vasarely.

The fog lights within the front bumper successively became large LED daytime running lights.
“The front part and therefore the fabric roof, inspired by the planet of furniture, symbolize French charm and convey a touch of mischief,” adds Renault. Finally, “the French flag within the mirrors underlines the ‘French touch’ of the vehicle. The Renault 5 is back! ”, Proclaims the brand, which however says nothing about the technical sheet and therefore the launch date of the assembly model to find out more about this electric R5, we will therefore need to wait …

Renault 5 With Turbo 3

After the announcement of a replacement Renault 5 concept, this artist is already imagining a sports version inspired by the R5 Turbo.

Among the various announcements made by Luca de Meo during the good Renaulution conference, that of reviving the legendary Renault 5 is undoubtedly the foremost popular.

The small compact with cubic features, launched in 1972, is riding an enormous wave of sympathy. Clever on the part of Renault to use this popularity to launch its new wave, towards the electrification of the range.

And while the concept was only available a few hours before, artist Abimelec Design has already changed the electric city car into a muscular sports car, taking inspiration from the R5 Turbo.

We find the distinctive signs of the latter: even wider fenders, very 80s Turbo 3 graphic, air intakes at the rear, and these very evocative two-tone wheels.

A Turbo-Electric?

The R5 Turbo launched to homologate a racing version, intended for rallies. As its name suggests, it then received a turbo for the power of approximately 160 hp initially. Above all, the four-cylinder mounted behind the driver, instead of the second row of seats!

But the new R5 must be electric. It is therefore difficult to imagine a future Turbo version, especially since the Renaulution plan provides for all of the group’s sports cars to be produced by Alpine.

But it is not forbidden to dream, especially as Porsche does indeed produce a Porsche Taycan Turbo, also electric …