Renault Zoe is a small fully electric car with a lot of power and a long-range and of course zero emissions it’s a totally eco-friendly small car. It’s not the roomiest EV on the market, and it looks cheap in certain locations.

Renault zoe electric has an increasingly impressive driving range that competes with the Mini E and Peugeot e-208.

Renault zoe Review

Electric Zoe is a perfect step by Renault toward electrification to achieve affordable EVs and this not the final step there is a lot to come in this journey and the future is very promising ,the small car appears to be ordinary on the exterior but has cutting-edge technology on the inside. The latest model features a few additional air intakes than the previous model, some of which assist channel air past the front wheels to reduce drag and range, as well as a set of full-LED headlights.

Renault has also given the renault zone’s brake lights the LED treatment, removing the blue lens covering from the previous car in the process.

What’s more fascinating, however, is what’s on the inside. Standard features include a sleek dashboard design, a sophisticated infotainment system, and a computerized driver’s display. You may also have the dashboard trimmed with recyclable material created from discarded plastic bottles, which is good for the whales.

The Zoe is a special supermini-sized bag with a few design touches that let it stand out. It stands apart from the Clio thanks to its sleek bodywork, and the metallic blue accents in the lights and emblems are a nod to Renault’s electric vehicles.

Thankfully, Renault Zoe electric is quite pleasant on the interior — at least in the front. If you’re above six feet tall and there isn’t enough shoulder room to carry three persons in the back, you’ll feel boxed in.

Most likely, you won’t be hauling big goods in your teeny-tiny electric city car. Instead, you’ll be squeezing through rush-hour traffic, something the Zoe seems to be born to accomplish. The wide windows provide a superb view forward, and the light settings make tight bends a breeze.

The new Renault Zoe electric, on the other hand, is capable of more than just going to the store. You can drive about 240 miles with its batteries completely charged, which takes three hours using a public 22kW charger. Charging at home takes eight hours with the normal 7 kWh setup, but a quick charge to 80% with a 50kWh charger takes 70 minutes on the more powerful model. A 30-minute charge, on the other hand, will offer you 90 miles of range.

Charging to full cost approximately £7 at home, which is around £20 less than the comparable quantity of gasoline for a petrol automobile.

All of these models are quite lively for a little car, so you’ll have no trouble avoiding traffic jams or passing slow trucks. The Renault Zoe, on the other hand, isn’t a very excellent highway cruiser. Although its electric motor is significantly quieter than a gasoline or diesel engine, you’ll still hear a lot of wind and tire noise when driving at high speeds.

You do get speed control to make long travels a little more pleasant, but only mid-range cars and higher get additional safety equipment as standard, such as automated emergency braking.

Citroen Zoe is an impressive practical EV, Because of the large windows, it feels rather roomy for a tiny car – at least in the front. Adults, on the other hand, will be cramped in the back, and the boot isn’t the most spacious.

Renault Zoe electric Dimensions and Space

Boot (seats up) 338 liters
Boot (seats down) 1,225 liters
Renault Zoe Volume Space

Passenger Space

The Renault Zoe seems bigger on the interior than its little proportions imply. This is due in part to the big windows that provide an excellent view out, but it is also due to the fact that the front seats are extremely upright.

The steering wheel can be adjusted for height and reach, but the seats cannot be moved up or down. As a result, smaller drivers may find it difficult to gain a good perspective of the road ahead, while larger drivers may find that their knees are uncomfortably near to the steering wheel. Electronically controlled seats are also unavailable, and the knob for adjusting the backrest position is wedged between the seat and the cupholders, making it difficult to turn.

In the rear seats, things aren’t much better. Although the Renault Zoe’s back doors are open wide and you might not have to squat too low to get in if you’re tall, anyone taller than six feet will discover their head brushing against the roof. With a similarly tall driver in front of them, their knees will be pressed against the seat as well.

Carrying three persons in the rear seat is also not recommended for trips longer than a few kilometers. There isn’t much shoulder room, and the center seat is elevated awkwardly above the outside two.

However, there is ample room in the rear seat for three children, and the Renault Zoe’s level floor allows them to simply move over. It’s also quite simple to install a baby seat. The seat can be easily lifted via the Renault Zoe’s back doors, and the Isofix anchor points are visible through raised portions in the seat cushion. If you want to accommodate a big rear-facing seat, you’ll have to move the front seat forward.

Storage Space

The Renault Zoe’s cabin doesn’t have a lot of storage room, even for a small car. None of the front bins can accommodate a one-liter bottle, and the back bins are so small that anything larger than a phone or a book will fit.

At the very least, there’s a storage tray in the center console, as well as one above the glovebox with a rubberized lining to keep smooth objects from sliding around. You’ll also receive a wireless charging station beneath the gear lever if you choose an Iconic or GT Line model.

All renault zoe electric models feature a pair of cupholders between the front seats, but you can’t seem to help but believe they should be more front so you don’t have to reach behind you to get a steaming cup of service station coffee.

Boot Space

The renault zoe 2021 has a boot capacity of 338 liters. That’s more than 25% larger than the VW e-boot, Up’s but significantly smaller than the Nissan Leaf’s 435-litre box. The boot entrance is broad, and the load lip isn’t very high, so you won’t strain your back lifting in larger goods.

The boot itself is big and square, allowing you to easily fit a pair of luggage inside, and you also receive a number of shopping hooks to keep your groceries from rolling around on the trip home. The Renault Zoe’s charging cords have their own dedicated storage compartment beneath the boot floor, but there isn’t enough room to tuck the parcel shelf if you need to store a few extremely tall goods in the boot.

The Renault Zoe’s rear seats may be folded down to increase the vehicle’s carrying capacity to 1,225 liters. Only Iconic versions and above get two-way split-folding seats, allowing you to transport a person in the rear and some lengthy items from the boot at the same time.

The rear seats don’t fully fold flat, and there’s a large rise between them and the boot floor, making it difficult to put big items straight up just behind the seats, regardless of the model.

Renault Zoe Electric Driving

The Renault Zoe is a compact city vehicle that’s easy to operate with a good driving experience, but rapid charging is an additional cost – even in top-spec models.

In town, the Renault Zoe is a breeze to drive. You’ll have a little problem sliding through traffic thanks to its tiny dimensions, narrow turning circle, and big windows. A wide pillar next to the boot lid blocks rear sight significantly, but you can add reverse parking sensors and a reversing camera to assist you in dodge bumps and scrapes in the parking lot. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a self-parking tech that guides you into bay and parallel parking spaces.

Once you have to take over the driving, the Renault Zoe’s light controls ensure that your arms don’t become tired after a few hours of maneuvering through congested city streets. Small bumps are softened effectively by Zoe’s suspension, while bigger potholes deliver an unpleasant thump through your seat.

When you leave the city, the renault zoe 2021 handles winding country roads admirably for such a little car. Renault has kept the heaviest component of the Zoe as near to the road as possible by tucking the batteries beneath the floor. This means it won’t tilt in tight bends, which may make your passengers feel a bit queasy.

The renault zoe electric is unexpectedly exciting to sprint from edge to edge on curvy roads because of the smoothness of the electric motor and the quick manner it distributes power. It’s hardly a hot hatch, but it’ll put a larger grin on your face on a desolate B-road than most tiny city vehicles.

When you get on the highway, the Renault Zoe holds its own against the fast-moving traffic. The more powerful 135hp versions have the power to accelerate rapidly enough to pass slow-moving trucks.

Unlike other similarly small petrol or diesel vehicles, the renault zoe 2021 feels quite solid on the highway, and cruise control is standard across the range to make long trips more bearable. At 70 miles per hour, there is some wind noise.

Automatic emergency stop, lane-departure warning, traffic-sign identification, blind-spot tracking, and automatic high-beam headlights are not available on entry-level cars; these technologies are only available on Iconic and GT Line models.

Performance, Economy & Charging

The Renault Zoe’s electric motor is determined by the model you choose. Mid-range and entry-level play Iconic vehicles come basic with a 110hp motor, but you can update towards a more powerful 135hp motor tech, which is identical to the ones found in top-spec GT Line cars.

Models with a 110-horsepower motor reach 60 mph in 11.4 seconds from a standstill, while those with a 135-horsepower motor achieve the same speed in less than 9.5 seconds. As a consequence, 110hp models are excellent for city driving, but 135hp variants excel at passing traffic on country roads or speeding down highway slip lanes.

Charging the Zoe on a public 22kw energy charger takes three hours, whereas charging at home with a normal 7 kWh configuration takes 8 hours. But, on the more powerful model, a quick charge to 80% using a 50kWh charger will require 70 minutes. You can get 90 miles of range on a 30-minute charge. It’s not awful.

In terms of charging price it full costs approximately £7 at home, which is around £20 less than the comparable quantity of gasoline for a petrol automobile.

The main advantage of the new battery in the renault zoe 2021 is that the range has grown to a maximum of 245 miles, however, you’ll need to account for many factors like weather and driving style to attain these figures in real-world driving to keep your battery life span. Renault admits that during the colder winter conditions, the battery range may be as low as 150 miles on average.

Interior, Style & Infotainment

Integrated paint – Pearl – Midnight blueFree
Solid – Glacier whiteFree
Metallic – Diamond black£600
Metallic – Highland grey£600
Metallic – Titanium grey£600
Special Metallic – Aconite£700
Special Metallic – Celadon blue£700
Special Metallic – Quartz white£700
Special metallic – Flame red£700
renault zoe electric colors

The Renault Zoe’s interior is stylish and well designed, yet it still has a cheap feel about it in several areas.

The inside of the new renault zoe 2021 is a significant improvement over that of the previous model. It not only looks pretty, but it also has a lot more practical layout that places everything you’ll need on a regular basis within easy reach.

The heating and ventilation settings are now below the free-standing infotainment display, and the gear shift is now located on an elevated pedestal that protrudes between the front seats, somewhat higher than previously.

The steering wheel has been upgraded with a more advanced appearance that compliments the standard digital driver’s display, which is standard on all variants from the entry-level Play to the top-of-the-line GT Line.

Unlike certain traditional Renault petrol and diesel vehicles, you won’t be able to customize the inside of your Zoe.

The Renault Zoe’s dash and seats, on the other hand, are finished with a pretty soft material created from recycled plastic bottles and seatbelt off-cuts from Zoe’s manufacturing line if you choose the mid-range Iconic edition.

If you upgrade to a GT Line model, however, this material is complemented with faux-leather upholstery on the seats. Unfortunately, although the material actually is rather nice for such a little vehicle, the seats really might need some more cushioning to prevent them from drooping every time you get on and off.

The plastics on the Renault Zoe’s doors, behind the dashboard, and across the center console further detract from the car’s overall appearance. Their harsh, brittle finish may be acceptable in a cheap-and-cheerful city vehicle, but they aren’t up to par in a top-spec Zoe, which would cost you back over £30,000.

At the very least, you get a helpful function that allows you to display two distinct windows at the same time. It can, for example, display the stereo’s touchscreen controllers at the bottom and the sat-nav maps above.

On the matter of maps, sat-nav is standard on all Renault Zoe models save the entry-level Play. It’s simple to operate with the on-screen keypad – especially in GT Line cars with bigger touchscreens – and provides clear directions on vividly colored, high-contrast maps.

The Renault Zoe comes equipped with a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system on Play and Iconic versions, but you can pay extra for a bigger 9.3-inch landscape display on the latter. This display, which is included as standard on top-spec GT Line vehicles, is crisper, brighter, and easier to operate.

Since you don’t receive any helpful physical shortcut controls, switching from one of this system’s functions to the other while riding is a bit hard. Instead, the bottom of the screen has a single row of tiny, difficult-to-read black and white symbols.

You may also use the digital driver’s display, which comes standard on every renault zoe 2021 and combines the traditional analog dials with a high-resolution 10-inch monitor. This monitor can be configured to show a combination of sat-nav maps, battery charge status, and speedometer readouts using switches on the steering wheel, although the graphics that play as you move between various settings are a touch clumsy.

If you don’t like Renault’s system, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay come standard on all Zoe models, allowing you to mirror your phone’s navigation and music-streaming applications. These systems are simple to set up, but they don’t make use of the portrait arrangement of the bigger 9.3-inch touchscreen.

Renault Zoe Price and Specifications

Zoe Play (£21,875)

the cheaper car among all modules, It is a good choice if you have a limited budget, it has an R110 80 kW motor, 15-inch wheels, LED lighting, and air conditioning are standard on the Zoe Play. A 7-inch multimedia screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a 10-inch gauge cluster, provides infotainment. DAB radio, cruise control, and, perhaps most importantly, a fully equipped 7kWh fast charging home wallbox are all included.

Zoe Iconic (£23,750)

The Zoe Iconic versions come with a sat-nav, temperature controls instead of basic air conditioning, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems mode (ADAS) like lane departure warning, lane’s help, and traffic sign recognition. Rear parking sensors, wireless cellphone charging, and 16-inch alloy wheels are also included.

Zoe GT Line (£25,316)

The top-of-the-line Zoe GT Line features a more powerful R135 100 kW motor. Over the Iconic versions, it includes front parking sensors, a rear parking camera, blind-spot detection, and a new style of 16-inch alloy wheels.

Zoe Venture Edition (£24,672)

80kW Venture Ed R110 50kWh Rapid Charge Auto

  • L Electric
  • 109hp
  • Automatic
  • Front-wheel drive

Zoe Riviera(£26,498)

100kW Limited Edn R135 50kWh RC Auto

  • L Electric
  • 136hp
  • Automatic
  • Front-wheel drive

Reliability and safety


Renault zoe 2021 comes with a five-year warranty that includes unlimited mileage for the first 24 months and then is restricted to 100,000 miles or five years, whichever comes first.

The Zoe’s battery is likewise covered by an 8-year/100,000-mile guarantee.


Annual service checks, or every 18,000 miles, are needed.

For the Zoe, Renault provides its EasyLife service contracts, which cover three years or 30,000 miles, or four years or 40,000 miles.