Skoda enyaq is a fantastic all-around electric SUV that’s roomy and has a good range, but it’s expensive and won’t turn a lot of heads.

Is the Skoda enyaq worth it?

The enyaq iv is an all-electric SUV and Skoda’s first from the ground up EV. It competes against the Volkswagen ID4, the forthcoming Nissan Ariya, and the Ford Mustang Mach-E, all of which are mechanically comparable.

You wouldn’t be able to know this is a one-of-a-kind, customized electric automobile just by looking at it. That is, after all, the idea — not everyone wants to appear as if they just grabbed a car prop from a sci-fi movie set. It’s about as ‘okay, that’s fine as vehicle design gets. It won’t be at the Tate Modern in 40 years, but it won’t terrify kids on the school run either.

The massive front grille of the skoda enyaq iv sets the tone. An electric car does not require a grille because there is no large motor to cool. Skoda claims you’ll need one to help you adjust to driving an electric vehicle. Slim headlamps and efficient air intakes surround the grille.

There’s a shoddy faux vent on the wheel arches along the side, along with some extra creases to make it stick out a little more, while the back receives nothing more outrageous than an extended spoiler, large Skoda badging, and angular taillights. Oh, and the bumpers come in a variety of colors depending on the trim you choose.

Skoda enyaq
‘s cabin is more attractive right away. It’s well-made and features excellent fabric upholstery everywhere, especially on the dash and the rather mushy armrests. Even with the less expensive models, it looks and feels great.

Passengers Space

In the back row, there’s also plenty of head and legroom. It’s 7cm longer than the Volkswagen ID4 with which the Enyaq combines so many elements, so three adults can comfortably fit in the rear. However, the material quality is a bit worse down there, and you’ll have to pay more for USBs.

Boot Space

You’ve got a 585-litre boot that’s nice and square, and owing to the lack of a boot lip, it’s dead easy to get stuff in and out of.

Despite Teslas and the Ford Mustang Mach-e, the Skoda Enyaq’s front end is just full of electrical gear and things based on what we see. Nonetheless, the Volkswagen ID 4 is no exception.

Skoda Enyaq Dimensions

Given Skoda’s history of manufacturing affordable, family-friendly vehicles, it’s probably natural that the Enyaq iV, the Czech company’s first all-electric vehicle, is a big, practical SUV cars.

There’s also a 585-liter boot that’s nice and square, and owing to the lack of a boot lip, it’s dead easy to get stuff in and out of.

Skoda Enyaq iv Performance

Enyaq skoda is available in two battery versions: 60 and 80. The 60 has a 180hp electric motor and a 62kWh battery pack that can go 256 miles between charges. The 80 has a capacity of 82kWh, a range of 333 miles, and a more efficient 204hp electric motor. If you don’t mind the smaller range, the 60 is the one to choose – the performance is quite punchy, and this is the only skoda enyaq that applies for the £2,500 government subsidy.

Later on, more powerful enyaq models will be available, including a dual-motor, four-wheel-drive variant with Skoda’s sportiest vRS badge. That produces 306 horsepower and has a lower, firmer chassis, making it potentially more enjoyable to drive than the ordinary vehicle.

Enyaq Skoda Battery Charge

If you own a 7kW household charger, charging skoda iv from empty to full will take approximately nine hours and cost approximately ten pounds.

Skoda has made the Enyaq iV range easy to understand, with only two battery sizes: the 58kWh iV 60 and the 77kWh iV 80. The 177bhp battery variant is powered by a rear-mounted electric motor that drives the rear wheels, while the 201bhp iV 80 is rear-wheel-drive as well.

Skoda iv Driving

The Skoda Enyaq is most at ease driving in town, thanks to it’s sporty design, its easier turning circle and excellent visibility. In towns or on potholed rural roads, you’ll feel the bumps a little more – the firmer suspension that comes with a heavier electrical vehicle comes into the equation here.

However, it’s fantastic out on the highway. When going fast, it’s quiet and comfy, but don’t anticipate too much enjoyment when things become twisted.

If you’re searching for a versatile SUV, the Skoda Enyaq is a good option. It excels at the fundamentals, but it isn’t going to get your pulse pounding. Just remember to pay attention to the choices list as well, because things may become a little costly.

Solid – Energy blueFree
Metallic – Arctic silverFrom £595
Metallic – Brilliant silverFrom £595
Metallic – Moon whiteFrom £595
Metallic – Quartz greyFrom £595
Metallic – Race blueFrom £595
Pearl – Black magicFrom £595
Exclusive paint – Velvet redFrom £975
Skoda Enyaq colours

Skoda Enyaq Interior

The Skoda Enyaq built to looks nicer on the interior than it does on the outside, but it comes with a mediocre infotainment system.

The skoda iv’s interior is far less obnoxious than the ID.4’s, owing to the absence of the ID.4’s vexing touch-sensitive buttons and sliders. The steering wheel, for example, includes a few standard controls and a volume clickwheel. They’re a lot simple to manage than the VW’s touchpads, and you’re less likely to unintentionally mute the radio with your hand every time you turn left.

The center screen is a large 13-inch display. When you turn on the car, it takes a few minutes to wake up, but once it does, it responds fast to your inputs and has a smart UI. Underneath, there’s a series of shortcut keys for your heated displays, driving modes, and other things. The volume is controlled (a bit uncomfortably) by a touch-slider right underneath the screen, and rapid access to the temperature control system seats is provided via a band that goes across the bottom of the touchscreen, whether you’re looking at the map, radio, CarPlay, or anything else.

Sure, we’d want actual climate controls, but it’s 2021, and they don’t appear to exist. Skoda’s touchscreen temperature controls are at least as good as VW’s and a few other manufacturers’. It’s also worth noting that the center screen’s location allows you to rest your wrist on the leather-clad dash while navigating the menus. The Skoda has won another tiny victory against the ID.4.

A small screen sits in front of the driver, far from typical digital equipment clusters, and it only shows speed, charge, and the state of adaptive cruise control. It’s straightforward and simple to use, however I wish the range readout displayed a percentage rather than miles left (percentages are predictable, but how many miles the car believes it can go before running out of energy isn’t). My stated range only dropped 30 miles on a 60-mile trip).

Style & Infotainment

The Skoda Enyaq’s interior is a really comfortable place to sit. The inside has a clever design with excellent fabric upholstery everywhere, especially on the dash and the quite plush armrests. In most parts, it looks comfort and feels great, however, scratchy plastics may be found if you dig a bit deeper.

There’s lots of adjustability in the seats and clown-faced steering wheel, however, you’ll have to pay an extra £440 to get the driver’s seat electric and another £440 to have the passenger seat electric – curiously, the latter option also adds a massage function to the driver’s seat.

The skoda enyaq comes standard with a 13-inch infotainment system, albeit it isn’t the finest on the market. It can be a little sluggish at times, and the ‘Laura’ voice control system is fickle at best. There’s also a small digital driver’s display, which is useful enough.

At the very least, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are well supported, so you won’t have to rely exclusively on the in-car software.

Skoda Enyaq Price and Specifications

The entry-level enyaq iv 60 model is eligible for the government’s £2,500 plug-in car grant, so it’ll set you back just over £32,000. Thereafter, staff gets a little more pricey, with the iV 80 beginning at over £39,000 and the iV 80X costing over £46,000 for the base model.

There are no trim levels in the traditional sense. The first step is to choose on how you want a large or small battery. Then you can from five distinct interiors – Loft, Lodge, Lounge, Suite, or EcoSuite – and 11 various equipment packages (Family, Convenience, Parking, and so on). Do you require assistance? EcoSuite’s cognac brown leather accent is stunning.

There are a couple of stand-alone alternatives as well. The £440 DC charging update from 50kW to 100kW for the skoda iv 60 or 125kW for the enyaq iv 80 is certainly worth having, even if you’ll be charging at home most of the time (Skoda estimates a full charge takes 9hrs 30mins for the enyaq iv 60 or 13hrs for the skoda iv 80 on a regular 7kW wallbox). Just in case you’re low on cash. The £1,005 heat pump is also a must-have, since it should improve the Enyaq’s efficiency in lower conditions.

But be careful not to get carried away with the plethora of possibilities. The car we tested came with all of the available packages and extras. Great. However, if you purchase one identical to it, you’ll be looking at a cost of well over £50,000.

Skoda enyaq Type0-62BHPPrice
Skoda Enyaq 195kW 80x Sportline 82kWh 4×4 5dr Auto6.9s265£46,555
Skoda Enyaq 132kW 60 ecoSuite Nav 62kWh 5dr Auto [100kW]8.7s179£35,380
Skoda Enyaq 150kW 80 Loft 82kWh 5dr [125kW]8.5s204£39,735
Skoda Enyaq 150kW 80 Lodge 82kWh 5dr Auto [125kW]8.5s204£40,260
Skoda Enyaq 150kW 80 Lounge 82kWh 5dr Auto [125kW]8.5s204£40,875
Skoda Enyaq 150kW 80 Suite 82kWh 5dr Auto [125kW]8.5s204£41,045
Skoda Enyaq 150kW 80 ecoSuite 82kWh 5dr Auto [125kW]8.5s204£41,305
Skoda Enyaq 150kW 80 Sportline 82kWh 5dr Auto8.5s204£42,845
Skoda Enyaq 150kW 80 Sportline 82kWh 5dr Auto [125kW]8.5s204£43,285
Skoda Enyaq 132kW 60 Loft 62kWh 5dr Auto [100kW]8.7s179£34,880
Skoda Enyaq 132kW 60 Loft Nav 62kWh 5dr Auto [100kW]8.7s179£34,880
Skoda Enyaq 132kW 60 Lodge 62kWh 5dr Auto [100kW]8.7s179£35,405
Skoda Enyaq 132kW 60 Lodge Nav 62kWh 5dr Auto [100kW]8.7s179£35,045
Skoda Enyaq 132kW 60 Lounge 62kWh 5dr Auto [100kW]8.7s179£36,020
Skoda Enyaq 132kW 60 Lounge Nav 62kWh 5dr Auto [100kW]8.7s179£35,245
Skoda Enyaq 132kW 60 Suite 62kWh 5dr Auto [100kW]8.7s179£36,190
Skoda Enyaq 132kW 60 Suite Nav 62kWh 5dr Auto [100kW]8.7s179£35,295
Skoda Enyaq 132kW 60 ecoSuite 62kWh 5dr Auto [100kW]8.7s179£36,450
enyaq iv estate