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Tesla has been steadily raising pricing across its lineup in recent months, and the Model Y is the next to receive a minor price hike.

Tesla made numerous pricing revisions to the Model 3 and Model Y in February, generally going down, and then boosted Model 3 prices in late March.

The manufacturer raised pricing throughout the Model 3 and Model Y series once again in April, with another rise in late April and another in early May.

The price increases are all little on their own, but when added together, they rapidly mount up and become considerable.

Tesla Model Y prices

Model 3 costs have recently balanced, yet Tesla continues to raise Model Y pricing.

Tesla raised the price of the Model Y Long Range by $500 earlier this month. During the debut of the new Model S Plaid, the price rise was lost.

Tesla has raised the price of the basic Model Y again again.

Tesla upped the price of the Model Y Long Range to $52,990 in an overnight update to its online configurator:

That’s a $500 price hike, which may not seem like much, but the electric SUV was only $50,000 a few months ago

The cost has risen considerably as a result of the modest price hikes.

Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, recently indicated that the price hikes are the result of “industry-wide substantial supply chain price pressure.”

The worldwide chip shortage has had a significant impact on the car sector in recent months.

Several additional causes, including rising freight costs, are causing overall price rises across various sectors, including Tesla.

Tesla’s Demand

All signs suggest that Tesla will be able to pass on the cost hikes to customers.

There has been a lot of interest.

Tesla’s Q2 manufacturing capacity was sold out in May, as we previously reported.

It’s now more important to get the automobiles into consumers’ hands before the end of the quarter, which is next week.

Model Y orders placed now in the United States are expected to arrive in September.