The Tesla Model 3 Starts Now at $46,990!

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Podcast – Tesla Model 3 Drift Far Away From Its Pricing Point

Although the vehicle has reached the general market, it continues to drift away from the much-hyped pricing point.

Elon Musk initially debuted Tesla’s Model 3 six years ago in Hawthorne, California. Tesla’s strategy to attract less-affluent customers with a mass-market $35,000 car included the sedan. Hundreds of customers queued for hours to make deposits, giving Musk a feeling similar to when Apple debuts its next iPhone.

That $35,000 price point now seems like a hallucination after all these years. Tesla’s CEO reminded his 78 million Twitter followers earlier this week that raw material and logistical costs were rising, putting the company under pressure. Tesla then increased prices across the board. In the United States, the basic Model 3 costs a little under $47,000.

We may place an order for the cheapest new Model 3 right now, with a delivery date of August. It’d be stripped down – pearl white with 18-inch wheels – and cost $46,990 before taxes. Used Model 3s, many of which are longer-range models, may cost considerably more. For $63,200, I discovered a 2020 model with nearly 25,000 miles on the odometer.

Tesla Model 3 Price Now Starts at $46,990
Tesla Model 3 Price Now Starts at $46,990

Consumers are becoming more interested in electric vehicles as gas prices rise. However, there is continuing semiconductor scarcity as well as port congestion. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has thrown an already shaky supply chain into even more disarray, particularly when it comes to metals like nickel, which are essential in the production of electric vehicle batteries. Inflation seems to be everywhere these days, and Tesla is certain to keep rising costs as long as it can’t keep up with demand for its vehicles.

Price-sensitive consumers most affected by gas price hikes will likely find that making the switch is also a bit out of their reach due to the premiums that these vehicles command.

said Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds’ Chief Director of Insights.

According to Edmunds, the average transaction price for a new electric car increased to $60,054 in February, with the majority of the data acquired before Russia invaded Ukraine. Because Tesla exceeded a threshold years ago, the tax incentives the US grants to buyers of new battery-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are no longer beneficial to Tesla consumers. Efforts in Congress to change how the federal government promotes electric vehicle purchases have stagnated. While lesser state-level incentives are still available, many customers may find that they are insufficient to alleviate price shock.

Making an EV purchase is not particularly easy to do right now amid inventory shortages.

said Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds’ Chief Director of Insights.

In his second master plan, which he published almost six years ago, Elon Musk proposed developing a cheap, high-volume automobile. The idea was that after the Model 3 and Y, we’d see a car that was even less expensive. During Tesla’s most recent quarterly results call, however, the CEO stated that the business is not currently working on the $25,000 car he mentioned.

After a home or a college education, most people’s most costly purchase is an automobile. For large swathes of individuals who would gladly make the move if they could, a really inexpensive electric automobile remains out of reach.

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