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Tesla company has shocked the world with its new unique model S plaid, With such performance, all Electomo staff has agreed that the tesla model S plaid is a hypercar.

Here you can check by yourself a brand new Tesla Model S Plaid accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 1.99 seconds at the delivery show.

This whole buzz is about the insane performance and speed of this model that also carries many cool features never-seen-before in many other super vehicles.

In just 1.99 seconds the EV can hit 60 mph and a quarter-mile in 9.23 seconds which is something that has never seen before in the electric car production history – nevertheless a 4-door sedan.

CEO Elon Musk unveils some details behind making such a crazy car during the launch event at Tesla’s Fremont factory last night.

He said and I quote:

“What we really wanted to achieve here? Why did we make such a fast car? That’s craze and everything, but I think there is something important for the future of sustainable energy in showing that an electric car is the best car. Hands down.”