At the end of 2020, Tesla built over 20,000 charging stalls at over 2,100 Supercharging stations around the glob.a few months later, Tesla revealed that the automaker has now 25,000 Superchargers around the world. the company plans to develop its advanced Supercharger battery system made from 25,000 terminals to make it easier for the driver to charge his electric car at any place in the world.isn’t that what technology made for?

In January, Tesla released a new smart map of upcoming Supercharging stations including timelines for new stations across the world,The tesla’s Supercharger network is the only global network of fast-charging service.

We not expected to present the Californian brand’s Supercharger feature no more, which provides the brand’s customers with a network of reliable, fast and affordable terminals. Motivated by sharply increasing sales volumes, the brand remains accelerating the event of its network.

From now on, the Superchager Tesla network has 25,000 terminals available for EV drivers spread across the world . An exceptional volume, which is growing exponentially: last November, the manufacturer announced a fleet of 20,000 fast charging stations around the globe for their electric vehicles.

Tesla launched a new Twitter account called ‘Tesla Charging’ that shares every new Supercharging stations for EVs coming online,According to the account, Tesla opened 8 new charging stations over the last week alone. The automaker is planning many more stations this year.

Expand production of Supercharging stations in the future

When Tesla brought the Model S vehicle to the market, fast-charging stations for EV batteries were non-existent and the automaker decided to develop its network to control the charging experience, the report said. the Supercharging stations’ network has grown slowly, in parallel with changes within the range and in technologies. As things accelerate on Tesla’s side, the infrastructure today consists of nearly 2,700 stations, in addition to more V3 units with a DC output of 250 kW.

tesla Supercharging stations
tesla Supercharging stations

With this automotive industry pace, CEO Elon musk expects another breakthrough with a volume of 30,000 Superchargers platform produced worldwide well before the top of the year. At this rate, the brand could easily speed up the process to reach 40,000 units for the network’s 10 years. this may allow the longer term “best-selling car within the world” to drive your car and no worries about need for energy, you can easily charge your battery cells at any time.

Automakers quickly realised how difficult it is to build charging systems for electric cars due to coordinating with property owners, contractors, and the local electric utility, it added.