Electric car manufacturer Tesla has installed two super charging stations in Morocco, marking its first entry into the African market.

Tesla, the innovative electric vehicle maker, is now making its way towards Africa by quietly setting up its first super charging stations in Morocco. Unlike international companies, which generally announce such moves through major events and detailed press releases, Tesla has opted to simply install these stations with no notice.

Fast charging stations are often the first step toward Tesla entering a new market.

Anytime Tesla plans to enter a new market, it is setting up super charging stalls & service centers, to support that market issues.

  • The first fast charging stations in Africa were discovered at Tangier, near the main road connecting major Moroccan cities on the Atlantic coast. Near the Tangier Al Houara Hilton resort, Tesla has placed four 150 kW super charging stations.
  • The second batch of supercharger stations, with four 150 kW super charging stations, has been placed at the Onomo Hotel in Casablanca.

These fast charging stations are really just v2 150 kilowatts, which is the earlier version of Tesla’s electric supercharger technology.

Elon Musk, the founder, has frequently talked about releasing Tesla in his native Africa, particularly in his home nation of South Africa (He is South African by birth), but it has yet to happen.

These two installations are Tesla’s first charging points in Africa, where the company’s emergence has been sluggish. These 2 stations will make Tesla vehicles a viable choice for up-market consumers who frequently travel between Casablanca, the country’s primary economic center, and Tangier, a busy trading hub in the north of Morocco.

Tesla vehicles have become rare in Africa due to the lack of charging stations, with the only charging choices consisting of “Tesla connectors” in certain private residences & hotels. These connectors can supply up to 22 kW, which is typical for household charging.

Despite the absence of charging facilities, Tesla vehicles are still a wanted product in Africa, albeit they are not suitable for long-distance driving.

In Morocco as well as a few other African countries (markets), there are already a significant number of Tesla owners. It is already known that Tesla looks at the number of owners who have bought their own vehicles into a market as a piece of data when deciding whether or not to officially enter that market.

Depending on those locations, Africa’s first fast chargers may be more about serving European Tesla vacationing customers than the local market.

The installation of two official electric supercharger stations in Morocco is expected to increase interest in electric cars.

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Tesla has now also expanded its business in Morocco, after recently starting a supply arrangement with the semiconductor manufacturer STMicroelectronics, which is headquartered outside of Casablanca.