What? Tesla may deliver 1.3M vehicles In 2022!

Tesla is expected to achieve 1.3 Million deliveries in 2022, according to a new Wedbush report.

The carmaker appears to be ahead of the current supply chain difficulties that are affecting the industry. Certain industry analysts predicted that 2021 would be the year Tesla surpassed 1M deliveries, but Tesla, just like the majority of the automotive industry’s companies, has been facing supply chain issues.

Tesla Inc. has done a good job of dealing with the problem of global chip scarcity, but it is becoming obvious that the openings of its two new factories, Gigafactory Berlin & Gigafactory Texas, would not take place until the end of the year. Tesla’s ability to increase its delivery quantity will be dependent on these two additional factories.

Wedbush MD and analyst, Daniel Ives, stated in a fresh note that he now expects Tesla could deliver near 900k units this year & 1.3M within 2022.

In his note, Daniel Ives said:

In a nutshell, competition is increasing from all angles in this EV arms race which has been an overhang over Tesla and the overall sector, however, this is just the start of an EV transformation that will change the auto industry for the coming decades with Tesla leading the charge. With EVs representing 3 percent of overall autos globally and poised to hit 10 percent by 2025, there will be much more competition in a massively increasing share of the global auto market.

Daniel Ives

Tesla Motors, according to Daniel Ives, will gain disproportionately from the industry’s move to EVs.

On TipRanks, Daniel Ives is placed No. 30 out of 7641 analysts (placed No. 41 out of 15783 overall experts), making him one of the most well-known analysts on Wall Street.