Tesla plans to open Supercharger networks to other automakers and it’s stated to Norwegian officials that the Supercharger network will be open to other manufacturers by September 2022.

The announcement comes amid reports that Tesla expects to open up its very valued electric vehicle fast-charging posts.

It’s difficult to quantify that value, but there’s little doubt that Tesla’s Superchargering network is the world’s largest electric car fast-charging network at this time.

Rather than depending on a third-party charging platform like most other automakers, Tesla built its own network from the bottom up, which was more of a need given the company’s early foray into EVs.

Unlike third-party networks like Ionity, Electrify America, or ChargePoint, the Supercharger network is exclusive to Tesla automobiles.

Tesla has previously planned that it is willing to share the Supercharger network with other manufacturers, but that this would be contingent on a cost-sharing deal.

The carmaker has previously been believed to be in talks with other automakers to reach an agreement, but no real results have been observed.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, even stated last year that other manufacturers are now using Tesla Superchargers on a “low-key” basis.

Tesla’s Supercharger network has been rumored to be opening up recently. Tesla has been in negotiations with a German authority to open up the network to other automaker firms, according to a German official.

We now have even more evidence that this is truly happening.

Tesla has been in connections with the Vestland fylkeskommune, the governing body of the county of Vestland in Norway, about obtaining incentives to install charging stations.

The government, on the other hand, only provides incentives to charging stations that are available to all automakers.

The following is a transcript of the relevant part of the meeting (translated from Norwegian using Google Translate):

“The condition for benefits is that infrastructure must be developed with a publicly available offer. Tesla applied for benefits to expand 5 fast-charging stations. Tesla’s charging stations today are just available for Tesla vehicles. That type of infrastructure is then only open for use by one group and not for the general public otherwise. In the application, Tesla describes the relevant charging stations will nevertheless be publicly available from the third quarter of 2022. The administration considers that the charging stations for which benefits have been applied for will then be eligible for the scheme, provided that the benefits paid out after Tesla opens the charging offer for all car brands no later than the end of September 2022. The administration recommends that Vestland County Municipality take note that the benefit can be removed if the conditions are not met.”

Norwegian meeting

For the very first time, a firm schedule for Tesla’s charge station to be available to other manufacturers has been established.

It’s unclear whether the deal would be limited to Norway, Europe, or the entire world, although Tesla has lately engaged in similar negotiations in Germany.

In Europe, because Tesla’s Supercharger networks uses the CCS connector, which is common in the region, it would be simpler for Tesla to launch the network.

Tesla would have to provide standard adapter chargers in North America because its cars and charging stations there utilize proprietary plug owners.

From our perspective, this is a significant event. It’s the most up-to-date source of news about Tesla’s Supercharger networks, and it also includes a chronology.

People should be reassured by the timeframe because I expect the major worries was that opening up the Supercharger networks will result in increased traffic and perhaps lengthier wait times.

Tesla, on the other hand, has more than a year to plan the transfer and enhance the capacity were necessary in order to welcome additional EV users into the network.

Clearly, this will provide Tesla with a new source of money, which it can then invest in extending the Supercharger networks.

But, more significantly, it will improve the charging experience for all other electric cars, aiding Tesla’s goal of accelerating EV adoption.

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