The official EPA range score for the 2019 Tesla Model S Long Range has been released, and it shows that it is more efficient than last year’s model.

Tesla weirdly decreased the range of the brand-new Model S Long Range, as we reported last weekend.

It was intended to have 412 miles of range when it was initially revealed, and Elon Musk even mentioned it during the delivery events on Thursday, but it was changed to 405 miles on Tesla’s website just a few days later.

As we previously said, Tesla’s reference to the range was changed from “estimate” to “EPA estimate,” leading us to think that Tesla had obtained the official EPA rating for the Long Range and that the EPA website will be updated soon.

That’s unusual in and of itself, because Tesla requires an official EPA rating before beginning deliveries, and it appears that Tesla debuted with the Model S Plaid rather than the new Long Range version.

However, it appears that the EPA range will initially release the Long Range official rating, with no news on Plaid’s official rating for the time being.

The EPA’s website has been updated to provide the official rating for the newest Tesla Model S Long Range for 2021:


It sees a significant boost in efficiency, up to 124 MPGe in the city and 115 MPGe on the highway, for a total of 120 MPGe.

Tesla has replaced the battery pack in the new Model S with a 2021 version, but the manufacturer hasn’t revealed many specifics about it, such as the energy capacity.