This new electric crossover, which will use GM’s Ultium battery packs, will also have an Acura premium version.

  • The Prologue will be the name of Honda’s next electric vehicle.
  • It will be powered by GM’s Ultium battery packs and will be followed by an Acura model.
  • The 2024 Prologue will be released in the year 2024.
  • Honda plans to sell 100 percent electric vehicles in North America by 2040.
  • Honda has started a communication campaign to engage potential EV buyers.

The new Honda Prologue EV will be available in North America in MY2024 as a highly competitive SUV with the features that Honda consumers have come to expect.
The 2024 Honda Prologue, which will go on sale in calendar year 2024, will be the first product of Honda and General Motors’ EV powertrain collaboration.
It will utilize the same Ultium battery packs as the GMC Hummer EV and the Cadillac Lyriq, which will be released later this year.

Beginning almost a quarter-century ago with the EV Plus electric vehicle (1997), Honda has led the way in bringing electrified vehicles to market in the United States, including America’s first hybrid, the Honda Insight (1999), the Honda FCX (2002), the market’s first fuel cell vehicle in the hands of individual clients, and the Clarity series (2017). Honda will deploy hybrid-electric systems to more core models as it plans for the introduction of Prologue, in order to continue reducing CO2 emissions and bridge customers to the volume battery-electric cars now under progress.

In addition to the Honda Prologue, the firm plans to launch an all-electric Acura SUV in 2024. Based on the company’s strategic collaboration with General Motors, both will use the highly adaptable global EV platform powered by Ultium batteries. Honda also aims to introduce a new generation of electric vehicles (EVs) in the second part of the decade, following a new e:Architecture that Honda will lead the development of.

The Prologue’s size and design are yet to be revealed, but we assume it to be just a compact or mid-size SUV. The Prologue’s engine and platform will be built up of GM components, and Honda executive vice president Dave Gardner stated the “upper half”—its body design—and its interior will be the major points of distinction between it and GM EVs.

The name Prologue was chosen, according to the firm, to imply that it is the first of many forthcoming electric vehicles. In 2024, the Acura luxury brand will add a version of this EV, although the name of that vehicle has yet to be revealed.

Toshihiro Mibe, Honda’s worldwide CEO, presented a goal in April 2021 to attain carbon-neutrality for its goods and corporate operations by 2050, including big objectives for electric vehicle sales. The sales ratio of battery-electric and fuel-cell electric cars in North America is expected to increase from 40% in 2030 to 80% in 2035 to 100% in 2040, according to this projection. More information about the announcement here.

Honda has set sales records for electric vehicles in each of the last three years, and this trend is expected to continue in 2021. Honda has had its best-ever first-half year of electric car sales, thanks to the CR-V Hybrid and Accord Hybrid.

We believe the name is a little hilarious, given that the Prologue is still a few years away; Ford and Volkswagen already have dedicated EV crossovers on the market in the Mach-E and ID.4, and a slew of additional models, like the Nissan Ariya, Hyundai Ioniq 5, and Kia EV6, are on the road.