Electricity has entered a new age. The Audi e-Tron car ® is the world’s first electric SUV with Audi DNA. This is far more than an electric car, with adequate room for everyday living, long-range capabilities, and exciting performance thanks to quattro® all-wheel drive. This is how Audi does electricity. Prices start at $65,900.

The Tron car, which blurs the borders between reality and science fiction, is the creation of renowned automotive designer Timur Bozca. The automobile has a sleek, streamlined structure, four electronic hub motors, and a design that is inspired by Sam Flynn’s famous outfit.

Tron car Production

While the A6 E-Tron car is still considered a concept, Audi claims it has “95 percent” production intent. The sleek new
sheet metal showcases Audi’s newest design development, including the new “inverted face” front end, which inverts the
usual black grille region and body-color front bumper treatment seen on internal-combustion cars. We’ve been assured that
this signature will appear on all of the company’s future electric vehicles. Audi claims that buyers may set the A6 E-
headlights Tron’s with adjustable rows of LEDs to show a personal daytime-running-light signature—local restrictions
allowing, of course.

The concept car’s most noticeable feature is that it appears more like an A7 than an A6 from the side. The fastback roofline,
which sweeps quickly rearward to tuck perfectly under the trunk lid spoiler, was chosen for its aesthetic and aerodynamic
profile. A full-length OLED taillamp with an Audi emblem that also serves as a center high-mount brake light is the unique
touch on the back end. The A6 E-Tron car concept boasts a remarkably low 0.22 coefficient of friction, barely 0.02 greater than
the, um, unusual-looking Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Welcome lights that serve as door-opening alerts for pedestrians and turn signals that can project arrows on the ground are
two more unusual features. Audis are recognized as much for their interior quality and design as anything else, but we’ll
have to wait and see what’s inside the A6 E-Tron concept: The interior of the building will be shown at a later time. While
the A6 E-Tron concept maintains the same overall proportions as the existing gas-powered A6, the carmaker claims that
owing to the inherent packaging benefits of an electric engine, the A6 E-Tron concept offers greater passenger room.

What Platform Does The A6 E-Tron car Concept Use?

A new platform co-developed with Porsche underpins the elegant A6 EV. For the foreseeable future, the Premium Platform
Electric, or PPE, will underlie all-electric Audis, as well as Porsches and Bentleys. This modular chassis can accommodate
single-motor rear-drive and dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrains, as well as charging rates of up to 270 kW. That’s down
from the original promise of 80 kW, but it’s still 20 kW more than the fastest Tesla Supercharger. Although the A6 E-Tron
the concept is the first car to be shown on the new platform, it will not be the first to market; that honor will go to the Audi Q6
E-Tron, which will be shown in 2023.

The production A6 E-Tron will come with rear- or all-wheel drive, and single- or twin motors are expected. The concept
demonstrates the latter configuration, with two motors providing a combined 469 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque,
bridging the gap between the existing Audi S6 and RS6 in terms of performance. The A6 E-Tron Concept, unlike the E-Tron
GT is expected to use a single-speed automatic transmission rather than a two-speed one. Audi claims that its concept car
can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under four seconds.

The A6 E-Tron car Concept boasts a range of more than 435 miles on a single charge, thanks to its 100-kWh battery pack—albeit
based on the overly optimistic European WLTP test. In contrast, the 2021 Audi E-Tron SUV has a WLTP range of 248 miles,
but an EPA range of 222 miles. When the A6 E-Tron arrives on sale in the United States in 2024, expect it to get north of 300
miles on the EPA cycle. If you can find an Electrify America station that can charge at the 270-kW maximum, 10 minutes of
charging will add 186 miles to your range. According to Audi, charging the battery pack from 5 to 80 percent takes as little as
25 minutes on the charger.

Tron Car, Engine, Transmission, and Performance

Two electric motors, one at the front axle and the other at the back, are hidden behind the e-highly Tron’s wrinkled
bodywork. They operate together to offer electrical all-wheel drive, although the rear motor is in charge of the majority of
the work. They produce a combined 355 horsepower and 414 pound-feet of torque in normal driving conditions. Putting the
gearbox in Sport mode, on the other hand, unlocks 402 horsepower and 490 pound-feet of torque for a short time. The e-Tron impressed us with its speed and poise when driving. Its quick acceleration is typical of electric vehicles, and the smooth
and quiet ride proved its status as a premium vehicle.

Its braking system skillfully combined traditional brakes with the required regenerative braking technology. During our test
of the Sportback variant, though, we were unhappy that the regen wasn’t forceful enough to allow one-pedal driving.
Despite this, the e-Tron car has conventional SUV traits, such as the capacity to tow up to 4000 pounds

Range, Charging, and Battery Life Of Tron Car

The standard e-Tron car has a range of 222 miles, while the Sportback variant has a range of 218 miles, according to the EPA.
Both models, however, lag behind rivals like the Jaguar I-Pace (234 miles) and the Tesla Model X Long Range (up to 371
miles). Every e-Tron car comes with a 150-kW fast charger that can recharge the battery to 80% capacity in roughly 30 minutes.
The Jaguar EV, on the other hand, features a 100-kW DC charger that recharges the battery more slowly. Those who use a
a standard 240-volt outlet will be able to charge the e-Tron in around nine hours.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

The e-Tron SUV is projected to get 78 MPGe combined, while the Sportback is likely to achieve 77 MPGe combined. We put
both body types through their paces on a 75-mph highway fuel-economy route as part of our thorough testing. The
Sportback got 75 MPGe while the standard e-Tron car got 67 MPGe. In the same test, the previous I-Pace we examined obtained
64 MPGe. Visit the EPA’s website for additional information on the e-fuel Tron’s efficiency.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo of the Tron Car

The e-electric Tron’s systems are its most remarkable technology, but the five-seat crossover also features a cutting-edge
and practical interior. Audi’s digital gauge cluster, dubbed Virtual Cockpit, and two flush-mounted touchscreens in the
middle are among the dashboard’s many high-resolution screens. Of course, premium features like a head-up display and
massaging front seats are available to flesh out the e-elegant Tron’s cabin, which benefits from a level floor owing to the
battery pack’s neatly packaged underfloor storage.

The standard e-Tron now has a cargo space that measures 29 cubic feet behind the rear row and 57 cubic feet with the
seatbacks folded flat. Although the Sportback’s sloping roofline decreases both numbers by 2 cubic feet, we were still able
to store seven carry-on bags behind its rear seats—one fewer than the standard e-Tron.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The infotainment system in every e-Tron car is controlled by two touchscreens, one on top and one below, with a 10.1-inch
display on top and an 8.8-inch device below. The top screen offers access to the standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
applications, as well as the optional Bang & Olufsen music system, while the lower screen is mostly utilized for climate
management. The system includes a subscription-based Wi-Fi hotspot as well as multiple power outlets; a wireless
smartphone charger is optional.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

Both e-Tron body types come standard with a variety of driver-assistance features, including adaptive cruise control and
self-parking assist. Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway
Safety (IIHS) websites for additional information on the e-Tron SUV and e-Tron Sportback’s crash-test results. The following
are important safety features:

  • Forward-collision warning and the automatic emergency braking are standard.
  • Blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic warning are standard.
  • A standard lane-departure warning is provided.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage of the Tron Car

Audi offers a reasonable, though average, limited and powertrain warranty. The e-electrical Tron’s components are covered
for the same length of time as the I-complimentary Pace’s maintenance, albeit it is significantly shorter.

  • A four-year or 50,000-mile limited warranty is included.
  • A four-year or 50,000-mile powertrain warranty is included.
  • The warranty on electrical components is for eight years or 100,000 miles.
  • For one year or 10,000 miles, complimentary maintenance is provided.

When Can I Buy An A6 E-Tron? How Much Will It Cost?

Audi will unveil the 2024 Audi A6 E-Tron production car late next year, with dealerships receiving the vehicle in 2023. As you
might imagine, pricing is still a work in progress, but we estimate the single-motor A6 E-Tron to start around $55,000 before
government incentives. Meanwhile, the current gas-powered A6 will continue to receive regular upgrades until it is joined—
and no likely eventually supplanted—by its all-new electric sister.