At its annual conference in 2021, Daimler announced the introduction of the Mercedes-AMG electric sports car, which is rated at nearly 600 hp.

If electricity was a smarter car technology 10 years ago, it’s driving cars crazy today. At Mercedes, the EQC SUV has an output of 408 hp. Of course, this is not enough, as AMG sports models will change it from 2021. The German brand does not mention the first car, but the technical picture reveals the basis of the EQS. So should we wait for the Mercedes-AMG EQS? Most likely, but that doesn’t rule out another EQE-based AMG.

The AMG EQS will take into account external cosmetic changes. For example, the vertical grille will replace the full grille and the side skirts and rear spoiler will appear, as well as “aero or traditional rims”. We also know that these versions are being improved at the AMG facility in Affalterbach, Germany. You get settings for “Engine, Chassis, Brake, and Audio”.

On the engine side, two units provide their power for all-wheel drive. Daimler advertises a performance similar to that of current V8 heat engines with more than 600 hp. The Mercedes-AMG EQS can also achieve performance from 0 to 100 km / h (less than 4 seconds). The 108 kWh EQS is the best battery candidate, offering a range of 770 km compared to the base model. In addition, the direct current load is increased in three phases of alternating current to 200 kW and 22 kW.