BMW Group will rapidly develop its electrified car product range, especially with the Zero Emission 7 and 5 series, in the coming years. Mini will throw the thermocouple overboard.

The BMW Group presented the next steps in its electrical strategy at its annual press conference. Following the start of “Zero Emission” throughout the BMW I division, the fan brand will develop a 100% electrification offering for the entire range.

It will start this year with the iX electric SUV and i4 sedan, which have already been launched, and which are closely linked to the iX3 launched in 2020.

Next year, the X1 will also be entitled to its best electric car version, which has already been seen in the camouflaged test and should be called the iX1 electric SUV.

Also in 2022, we will be able to discover a new generation of the 7 series without a heat engine. In 2023 they will present a fully electric car BMW 5 Series sedan.

The Mini will be 100% electric

We will never forget about the electric Mini car brand, far from it. The next-generation Countryman will hit the market in 2023 and will come with a thermal or electric option. In 2025, the British manufacturer BMW Group will launch its final affordable future electric cars model with an internal combustion engine.

The company will not introduce zero-emission cars until early 2030. Meanwhile, a sedan and an SUV larger than the Countryman will enrich the MINI range.

The New future electric cars in 2025

Between the BMW and Mini brands, the Bavarian group will introduce at least one battery-powered model in 90% of market segments by 2023. In addition to the above, the four electric cars are not yet known, models.

In 2025, BMW will launch the New Class, a new and improved modular platform for electric vehicles. The BMW Group assumes that battery-powered models will account for 50% of annual shipments by 2030, indicating that the eponymous brand is not yet considering running out of heat.