The Cheapest Countries to Buy an EV around the world!

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Podcast – The United States is among the Top Ten Cheapest Places to Buy an EV

The effort to make electric cars more widely available is closely related to the race to make them more inexpensive. The United States is embroiled in an argument with its neighbors about how it intends to provide tax incentives to electric vehicle purchasers, but new research indicates that its initiatives have made it one of the cheapest countries on the planet to buy an EV. has published the results of its research on identifying the countries where people pay the least and the most for vehicles.

The research focused on one popular car that was generally available over the world and compared its price from one market to another to get its answers. Although there is a margin for error due to the localization of the product and the presence of multiple options, it will provide an interesting glimpse into the many options available to consumers.

Cheapest countries to buy an electric vehicle
Cheapest countries to buy an EV selected the Tesla Model 3 as its electric car of choice, then discovered that Macao was the cheapest place to buy one. It had a price tag of $40,382 and was followed by China, Romania, Japan, and France.

In terms of the least expensive places to purchase, the United States ranked eighth along with Puerto Rico. According to the study, the car could be bought for $44,990.

The news is less pleasant for our UK readers, as the Model 3‘s average cost in the United Kingdom was $58,379 (£42,990). This shows a fault in the research, as there are cheaper electric cars in the United Kingdom (eg the VW ID 3 starts at $43,530), however, most automobiles are more expensive in the United Kingdom than in the United States.

Most expensive countries to buy an electric vehicle
Most expensive countries to buy an EV

Singapore, on the other hand, is the most costly country for a Tesla Model 3. This is largely due to taxes but states that the auto costs $83,489, about $20,000 more than it does in Israel ($64,629), the 2nd most costly country.

Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Denmark are the next three countries on the list.

This news is much better for enthusiasts in the United States. They have access to the 2nd- and 3rd-cheapest vehicles on the market: the cheapest sports cars (the Ford Mustang was utilized as a point of reference by, as well as the cheapest hatchback (the Volkswagen Golf was utilized as a point of reference by Surprisingly, the United States is just the 6th most affordable nation in which to purchase a Toyota RAV4.

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