Toyota is rapidly moving toward an electric future, while West Virginia will play a key role in that transition!

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Podcast – Toyota invests $90 Million in 2 U.S. Plants to boost Electric Vehicle Parts Production

With an investment of $90 million, Toyota will expand manufacturing electric car components at factories in Tennessee and West Virginia.

The plant‘s most recent upgrade included a $73 million investment to assemble yearly an estimated 120,000 rear engine stators, an important component of electric motors.

Toyota will invest $17 million in its plant of about 400 workers in Jackson, Tennessee, to raise manufacturing capability for hybrid transaxle cases and housings.

The automaker is rapidly heading toward an electric future, according to David Rosier, President of TMMWV (Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia, Inc.), adding that West Virginia will play an important role in this transition. By 2025, Toyota and Lexus will offer electrified vehicles across their lineup, according to the company.

The Japanese company said 3 months ago that it would spend $240M on a hybrid powertrain-dedicated manufacturing line at its Buffalo, West Virginia plant.

Toyota Motor Corporation also intends to invest $1.29 billion in a new plant in the United States to produce batteries for hybrid and all-electric cars.

WOWK 13 News – Toyota announces $240 million investment to bring the dedicated hybrid line to West Virginia plant