Toyota Denies Plans to Quit UK Auto Production!

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Podcast – Toyota Will Stand With the United Kingdom in its Major Shift to Electric Vehicles
  • According to the New York Times, the automaker has threatened to stop producing cars in the United Kingdom.
  • The company claims that it wants its British plants to have a long-term future.

Toyota committed to the United Kingdom after a newspaper suggested that it may stop producing automobiles in the country due to government ambitions to transition to completely electric vehicles more quickly.

As the United Kingdom prepares to establish new standards for the auto industry, the Japanese carmaker said it is ready to sell entirely zero-emission vehicles and reaffirmed its belief that hybrid cars can help with the transition by 2035.

Toyota stated in an emailed statement that it is committed to building a long-term and sustainable future in Europe, which includes its British factories.

The firm was responding to a report in the Sunday Times that it had informed Transport Secretary Grant Shapps it would stop producing in the UK. Toyota said it shared the United Kingdom‘s desire to achieve zero emissions, but declined to comment on the government’s mandates because it hasn’t seen a copy of the Department for Transport’s standards.

We continue to see a role for many different technologies in the transition to zero-emission based on the idea of mobility for everyone. This includes hybrid vehicles made in the UK.

said Toyota in a statement.

According to London-based Times, beginning in 2024, the government will demand that zero-emission cars account for a growing percentage of the new vehicle and van sales. Manufacturers who fail to meet their targets will be penalized or forced to buy certificates from competitors who do so. The mandate’s specifics are still being worked out.

Toyota pledged in December that by 2035, it would be prepared to sell only zero-emission vehicles in Europe, with an intermediate target of having them account for roughly half of its shipments by the end of the decade. In 2017, the business planned an even more than 240 million-pound ($315 million) improvement in its Burnaston, central England, plant to support Corolla compact vehicle production. It also features a motor.

The United Kingdom intends to prohibit the sale of new automobiles running only on gasoline or diesel after 2030, but will allow hybrid deliveries until 2035.

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